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The attorneys at Osborne, Tripp & Schmidt don’t just work for their clients, they work with them, which will ensure the best results possible. When you hire a family lawyer from their firm, you are enlisting an ally to protect your best interests — and that’s a job every member of their legal team takes seriously. Located in Sparta, WI, their attorneys are all members of the Monroe County Bar Association and are licensed to practice across the state

Because they have four attorneys who practice in a variety of different areas, there is no need to turn to additional firms for help with multiple legal issues. For example, if you need a tax attorney or have questions about estate planning, Ralph Osborne will take care of you, whereas Robert Osborne practices family law and handles criminal defense cases. Between the firm’s two other attorneys, Tyler Tripp and Kathy Schmidt, you can find additional help in bankruptcy, employment, and personal injury cases.

Whether you need a divorce attorney to guide you through a child custody battle, or you sustained serious injuries in an accident that was someone else’s fault, the team at Osborne, Tripp & Schmidt will guide you every step of the way. They are dedicated to providing quality legal representation to each and every client, and they make sure to assess all new cases thoroughly. This dedication will be maintained throughout the proceedings so as to ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

If you need a family attorney or criminal defense lawyer in Sparta, WI, turn to Osborne, Tripp & Schmidt. Visit their website to learn more about their areas of practice, and call (608) 269-2400 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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Some marriages fall apart gradually over the course of years, while others may seemingly collapse overnight. Among all, one thing is certain—few couples are fully prepared for the more
Of all the issues that need to be resolved during a divorce, few cause as much anxiety and confusion as child custody and visitation arrangements. Of course, the stakes in these more
For most individual filers, taxes are due on April 15 every year (or the following business day if the deadline falls on a weekend). However, many filers miss this crucial more
If you have a criminal record, it is probably holding you back in many aspects of life—from the company you work for to the places you can live. Luckily, there are ways to more
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Questions relating to child custody and visitation are usually among the most difficult to resolve for couples going through a divorce. The family lawyers at Osborne Tripp & more
When another person’s negligence results in physical injury and/or property damage, securing the services of a skilled law firm is often a good idea. How can you determine whether more
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