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For the residents of the Greater Flathead Valley who appreciate exceptional dental care, Ronald B. Potthoff, DDS, PC, is the dental office of choice. Providing comprehensive dental care services under the supervision of an experienced and respected dentist, the clinic specializes in all facets of general and cosmetic dentistry. From dentures and veneers to teeth cleaning and whitening, every service they render is tailored around your individual diagnosis and requirement.

With over 23 years of experience in general and restorative dentistry, resident dentist Ronald B. Potthoff, DDS, offers his clients premium dental care solutions. Performing all types of complex orthognathic procedures for a healthier jaw, he ensures that you receive top-tier dental implants and cosmetic restorations. Together with his team, he has turned his eponymous dental office among his clientele in Kalispell, Eureka, Bigfork, and the surrounding areas.

Housing the most advanced dental care equipment, Ronald B. Potthoff, DDS, makes use of cutting-edge soft and hard tissue laser to guarantee your comfort. Making great strides in dental procedures, their reliance on the newest technology means your implants and veneers only warrant a single trip. By doing so, they not only save your time but also furnish you with long-lasting solutions for all types of dental hygiene needs.

Placing a high priority on customer satisfaction, Ronald B. Potthoff, DDS, PC, is committed to offering you the best dental care in Montana. With all general and cosmetic dentistry treatments tailored around your specific requirements, you know your dental health is in good hands. For further information about their dental implants, veneers, and laser procedures, call their helpful staff at (406) 755-5280.

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