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For high-quality wood products in the Middlefield, OH, area, Trumbull County Hardwoods is the place to go. These wood suppliers offer a variety of Northern Appalachian hardwood products, including green hardwood, veneer logs, timber wood, and more. Serving northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania, these earth-conscious wood suppliers have been working to preserve one of the world’s most precious renewable resources since 1989. Offering national and international distribution, their diverse wood products serve a variety of needs.

Trumbull County Hardwoods provides wood products, including green lumber, saw logs, sycamore wood logs, and timber wood. Thanks to a partnership with Byler’s Kiln-Drying, they also offer kiln-dried lumber. They can arrange for the purchase of specialty lumber, including flaming cherry, butternut, and sassafras species. Their premiere lumber services include forestry management, land purchasing, and timbering. These professionals will also purchase your saw logs, green lumber, and standing timber of all varieties. They will be happy to provide an evaluation of your standing timber—for free!

An Amish-owned-and-operated company, Trumbull County Hardwoods in Middlefield, OH, holds a certified Master Loggers License. Its loggers meticulously maintain their Ohio Forestry Division accreditation, regularly taking classes to ensure they are keeping the company’s standards high. With a business mindset that’s rooted in integrity and commitment, Trumbull County Hardwoods puts customers’ needs first. Whether you have some timber you need to sell or you want to make a specialty wood purchase, these professionals can help. Visit their website or call (440) 632-0555 to speak to them about your needs.

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