Washington Heights, New York

Uno Communications Center

Uno Communications Center

714 W 181st St
New York, NY 10033
(212) 927-0101
Uno Communications Center, Cell Phone Repair, Shopping, New York, New York

Have you been looking for a communications center that does it all? Uno Communications Center in New York, NY, offers a wide range of affordable communications services designed to help you stay connected. Whether you need a new cell phone or the latest wireless gadget, you can always find it at Uno Communications Center. They also specialize in electronic device and phone repairs, so whether you have an issue with your smartphone or your computer screen, you can count on them to fix it in a timely fashion.

Every good business is based on a strong foundation of trust, which is why they work hard to ensure you’re satisfied. Their staff of technology experts will work with you to go over all your unique needs and find the right tech solutions. Uno Communications Center knows that every customer is different, and because of this, they offer a wide range of cell phone plans, including the latest from Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, and Virgin Mobile. Enrolling in a new phone plan can be quite an investment, which is why Uno Communications Center provides plans that start as low as $20 a month as well as pre-paid deals. They also carry all of the phone accessories you need, from headphones to car chargers. 

When your smartphone breaks, Uno Communications Center knows you can’t wait around for days for it to be fixed again. That’s why they provide phone repair services that are both efficient and effective. Whether you’ve got a cracked iPhone screen or you need your smartphone’s headphone jack repaired, the tech professionals at Uno Communications Center will diagnose the problem quickly and find an affordable solution. The knowledgeable repair staff at Uno Communications Center is also equipped to repair broken LCD screens, such as HD televisions, and computer monitors.

If you’re looking for a reliable communications company in New York City that won’t let you down, contact Uno Communications Center today at (212) 927-0101, or visit them online to learn more about their electronic and phone repair services.

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