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Fences not only secure and delineate a property, but they also enhance its market value. Families can enjoy fun moments in the comfort of their own yard with a privacy fence, while animals in a farm or ranch can be contained and confined in a safe area. For 10 years and counting, Boundary Line Fence has been serving the residents of Bigfork, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, Lakeside, Somers, and the Greater Flathead Valley and providing them with top-notch fence construction. They continue to be the preferred fencing contractor in the area for their emphasis on quality work, customer satisfaction, and cost-effective prices.

Boundary Line Fence offers a wide range of fencing services for various needs. Residential fencing options include privacy fencing made of classic cedar or vinyl, as well as standard chain link fencing and dog runs. Ranch owners can also choose from wooden or vinyl rain fencing for horses, goats, or other farm animals; game fence for deer or elk; and rustic but sturdy garden fencing for plants and smaller animals. Post pounding is another great option for durability, and barbed wire fencing can add another layer of security to a property. Boundary Line Fence also has various decorative fencing options for different types of property; wood and metal fencing offer different looks but both can add aesthetic value to a home.

Apart from fence construction, Broadway Line also offers specialty services like archway construction, mailbox installation, sign installation, flag pole erection, and other commercial projects. All of these services are delivered with three principles in mind: quality, longevity, and honesty. Interested customers can get a free estimate by calling Boundary Line Fence at (406) 309-5010 and learn more about the company by checking out their Facebook.