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Whether your back is feeling tight or you simply want to step away from the world and unwind, a massage can help you relax physically and mentally. MassageLuXe serves multiple locations with a variety of massage services. These massage therapy professionals also offer facials and skin care procedures, so you can leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated from head to toe.

The trained professionals at MassageLuXe offer traditional Swedish massage, as well as deep tissue and prenatal massage. Specialty massages include hot stone massages, reflexology, and trigger point massage. If you’re recovering from an athletic injury, their sports massages can help get you back in shape. If you’re in need of some extra relaxation, try an aromatherapy massage to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

For the full luxurious experience, treat yourself to a facial alongside your massage. MassageLuXe VIP facials include the Hydra Medic, Vita Cura, and Biolight facials. The microdermabrasion services offered can also freshen your skin. Other services include glycolic peels, waxing, and pore refining procedures. Whatever service you’re interested in, MassageLuXe will provide you with the most cutting-edge treatment options and top quality customer care.

You can find more detailed descriptions of the types of facials and massages offered online. Sign up for their email list to get the latest updates on events, deals, and giveaways. You can also explore the membership program, which offers you additional privileges and benefits. If you have any questions, you can reach the Edwardsville, IL, location at (618) 307-0093.

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