Chester, California

Dig It Construction

Dig It Construction

803 Lorraine Dr
Chester, CA 96020
(530) 258-3306
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With over a decade of construction experience, Dig It Construction is a certified small business that both commercial agencies and residential homeowners trust. Based in Chester, CA, Dig It Construction is locally owned and locally staffed. Their motto, “Local people and local products, supporting our community,” is testament to the kind of high-quality, community-based work they strive to achieve every day.

Because they’re a locally owned small business, the team at Dig It Construction know every project they work on, regardless of size or scale, reflects their professional standards and integrity. Whether you’re looking for an affordable home improvement company or you’re interested in starting a long-term professional relationship, Dig It Construction is your solution. They’ve been employing experienced construction professionals since 1998, and this history has earned them a solid reputation of being the best construction company in the area.

The word “construction” encompasses a wide range of services, and Dig It Construction offers them all. They boast an extensive list of services, including land excavation, snow removal, site development, road building, stump removal, driveway installation, and asphalt paving. Their reliable team includes individuals trained in each of these specific jobs to ensure every project is completed correctly. From planning to cleanup, they have you covered.

No matter what kind of construction project you have planned, you’ll find the help you need at Dig It Construction. Find out how their services will benefit you by calling (530) 258-3306. You can also request a free quote and learn more about their business philosophy by visiting the website.