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Columbia Hickory Pharmacy

Columbia Hickory Pharmacy

10805 Hickory Ridge Rd
Columbia, MD 21044
Columbia Hickory Pharmacy, Pharmacies, Health and Beauty, Columbia, Maryland

From refilling prescriptions to answering questions on medication, a local pharmacy is an integral part of every community’s healthcare system. Columbia Hickory Pharmacy in Columbia, MD, knows how important it is to offer locally oriented, personalized attention to their customers.

As part of the CARE Pharmacies Cooperative group, this pharmacy employs skilled pharmacists who are trained in handling difficult prescription issues and catering to all kinds of patients, including those with chronic conditions.

At Columbia Hickory Pharmacy, you can enjoy a range of services. In addition to providing basic pharmacy supplies, like Ibuprofen, diabetes monitors, and blood pressure kits, you can also receive pharmacy consulting on topics like medication synchronization.

Do you have home medical equipment in need of repairs? These pros have you covered. The pharmacists are also happy to help patients with chronic conditions, and offer services like HIV medication and counseling. They can also help you with payment details when it comes to your Medicaid or Medicare billing.

Columbia Hickory Pharmacy is one of the proud members of the CARE Pharmacies Cooperative, which has been serving local communities for more than 50 years. A member of the Maryland Pharmacists Association, as well as many national pharmaceutical organizations, this local pharmacy provides the residents of Columbia, MD, with attentive, compassionate care.

These pharmacists are trained to put patient needs first, and they pay attention to every customer’s unique personal needs. Visit their website to find out more about their services or call (410) 964-6409 with any questions you may have. 

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