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Central Pacific Specialty Contractors are the best concrete repair contractors in Hawaii. Although concrete repair, renovation, coatings, and decorations are some of CPSC's specialties, we provide a variety of quality contracting services. CPSC works on a range of small to large projects that focus on concrete repair and restoration. We take pride in completing our projects in an effective, efficient, and timely manner. When we begin a project we stay in touch with our clients from start to finish, because we believe communication is essential. We also utilize innovative products and techniques to provide our clients with unique solutions for all of their concrete contracting needs.

CPSC services include concrete spall repairs, concrete flat work, crack injection, industrial & waterproof coating, epoxy coating, decorative coatings, and swimming pools/spas. We also work as swimming pool contractors, and we can provide a unique water treatment control system for your pool.

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With the development of techniques in stamping, coloring, and polishing, decorative concrete has become more common in home renovation and remodeling. This material is frequently more
A swimming pool is an impressive element of any outdoor oasis, but the addition of water features will take the design to the next level. The biggest challenge is deciding which to more
Businesses in Hawaii are susceptible to water problems caused by high humidity, frequent rain showers, and occasional flooding. To guard against these issues, your company needs more
Apartments typically offer various amenities that enhance the tenants’ quality of life, and a spa will be a welcome addition to any property. This feature will allow your residents more
Properly maintaining your in-ground concrete swimming pool will help retain its appearance, protect its structure, and extend its life span. Although concrete is durable, you more
Concrete driveways add functional and aesthetic value to properties. They make it easier to traverse your property while also making outdoor areas look well-kept. In more
Spending time outside benefits your overall health. Your back yard, no matter the size, is the perfect place for sunshine and fresh air. If you struggle to find a comfortable more
If you recently moved into a home with a swimming pool, the backyard has likely become your new oasis. If you’re a first-time pool owner, you’ll need to routinely maintain it to more
Pools can lose water for a variety of reasons, like evaporation or spillovers during normal use. If you find yourself refilling the pool more frequently than usual, it’s possible more
Pool cracks can be unsightly and take away from the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor space. In some cases, they’re more than physical problems; they can cause leaks if they aren’t more
Although concrete is durable and rigid, it can crack when exposed to powerful outside forces. A crack in concrete flat work is defined by its cause, and you should be able more
If your warehouse or business has concrete floors, waterproofing is a proactive way to invest in your company while also heading off potential issues in the future. more
Having a swimming pool can add a calming ambiance to your home. Not only is it an excellent venue for entertainment and exercise, but it also increases your property's value. If you more
The chic simplicity of concrete appeals to minimalists and practical homeowners alike. With plenty of ways to customize it, your house can only benefit from the addition of more
Many homeowners assume concrete is only for patio floors and driveways. However, decorative concrete has more versatility, and it’s an excellent material to use inside your house. more
Your swimming pool is an extension of your home. If it starts to look old and worn, it can reflect poorly on your space and make family and friends less inclined to spend time more
Spalling is a surface failure that causes holes in concrete. It is most commonly seen in driveways and foundations and can result from excess moisture, corrosion, improper more
Concrete is a durable and versatile material for driveways, and it’s composed of aggregates, which are small particles of sand, gravel, or crushed stone. These particles are more
As a house settles into the soil over time, it can sustain cracks and other damages, including bowing basement walls and serious leaks. This is especially true if the foundation more
Installing a patio can increase the amount of livable square footage and help your family connect with the outdoors. Before you call a concrete contractor to order more
Concrete is typically associated with construction projects, plain sidewalks, and dull, gray slabs of walls. Although this material is used for functionality, it can be made into more
Cool down, relax, and spend time with family and friends by installing a swimming pool for everyone to enjoy. While entertainment is the primary goal of the project, making sure more
Your swimming pool and the surrounding area should be a relaxing respite away from the fast pace of the city. If you don’t feel soothed by the view, you may want to consult swimming more
Concrete is known for being a strong and sturdy building material. However, despite its durability, it’s still important for building and property owners to watch for signs of more
There are many ways you can enhance the pool to boost its function and add to the outdoor ambiance. If you’re planning a pool construction, consider adding a few features to more
The home is a place for spending quality time with family, and this experience may be enhanced if you have your own swimming pool. If your home doesn’t have one yet, consider adding more
Whether you’re looking to undergo a pool construction or already have one on your property, a swimming pool can serve as the perfect outdoor space to get the family together more
When your contractor installs your pool, you’ll have a private place to swim, escape from the world, cool down, and socialize with family and friends. Summer is here, and if you’re more
Having your own swimming pool can give your family countless hours of fun. To make the most of your investment, you need the right design. Before starting pool more
If you’re planning pool construction or already have a swimming pool, ask your contractor to add an interesting water feature to the design. Running water improves the beauty more
Aside from enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal, a renovation can make it more comfortable and functional. If you’re ready to give your home a revamp, you may be wondering more
Taking care of your business’s physical location is vital to maintaining workplace safety, and it also projects a professional appearance to employees and clients. more
A pool can be a wonderful backyard feature, especially in Hawaii. It gives your family an opportunity to stay active all year long, entertain guests, and relax or unwind after a more
Rental properties are a great source of income, but only if you’re consistently enticing reliable, long-term tenants. Market competition can be fierce, so it’s more
Installing a pool increases your property value while adding a bit of fun and relaxation. It helps to know a bit about the pool construction process before getting started, so that more
A backyard pool is a lot of fun for people of all ages, and you can enhance your enjoyment by creating the perfect ambiance. The amenities and decor around your pool help to more
At first glance, concrete may seem like a boring and utilitarian construction material. But with the right tools and additives, it can be a beautiful and versatile substance, adding more
A flooding driveway can be a constant inconvenience, and over time, have costly consequences. Standing water will gradually seep into concrete, eroding the interior and creating more
A swimming pool can become a backyard oasis for you and your family, but the pool area comprises much more than the structure itself. The right decorative concrete installation for more
In building construction, the most common desirable surface is a smooth finish. However, smooth concrete finishes can sometimes crack, chip, or scale—a problem also known more
Whether you want a place to entertain or lounge, installing a concrete patio is the perfect way to add function and value to your home. An experienced local contractor can have the more
Hiring the right concrete contractor will make a difference in the timeline, ease, and cost of your project. When you research contractors in your area, you might be more
Like kitchens and bathrooms, pools are a home renovation favorite subject to new trends and changing tastes. Whether it’s wraparound patios, connected jacuzzis, or more
If you have a swimming pool and want to upgrade it to add to your enjoyment and property values, you have a wide range of options. Even a small budget is enough for a local more
Even people who aren’t concrete contractors have most likely seen the large trucks with cement mixers firmly secured to the chassis. The entire assemblage makes it easier for more
Cement is a durable paving option for exterior or even high-traffic interior areas. But if you want flooring that has some attractive details without the expense of tile or stone, more
Resilience to wear and tear is one of the most essential requirements for residential and commercial construction elements. This is something you can count on when you opt for more
You might have big visions of installing a beautiful pool in your backyard or renovating the space with a new concrete patio. While some projects are fun to handle on your own, more
When you’re designing a pool area on your property, there is more to think about than just the shape of the pool itself. The region around the pool is where people will walk and more
When it comes to flooring, concrete provides long-term durability. One effective way to maintain the surface’s longevity is with a professional coating application. There are a more
Having a swimming pool on your property is fantastic, especially when it offers quick relief from the sweltering summer heat. While it is a significant investment that requires more
Decorative concrete is a terrific project for improving curb appeal. Whether you have a modern home or a Spanish-style abode, it comes in a variety of styles and colors that can more
When in search of a sturdy and durable surface, concrete flat work is an ideal match. This technique is useful for many different applications thanks to its cost-effectiveness, and more
Homeowners often consider the pros and cons of building a swimming pool, but not all understand the biggest reason they should dive into the project. Swimming pools add property more
Concrete is a valuable material used in a variety of industries, from municipal buildings to residential construction. The draw to concrete comes from its strength more
Damaged concrete can make your home or business look unkempt, in addition to posing certain trip and fall hazards to your guests. Fortunately, by working with a team of professional more
Swimming pools are nice to have on a property during the warm summer months. They provide a refreshing break from the heat and create opportunities for new memories to be made with more
While the Aloha State doesn’t experience freezing temperatures, rain and humidity are often a concern, especially during hurricane season. To provide safety and protect your more
As a building manager or property owner, you’re probably well aware of the threat of water damage. Any leak, no matter how small, can turn into a major problem more
As one of the most commonly used building materials, concrete is everywhere. It’s often used in surfacing work, particularly for driveways, sidewalks, and pathways. According to the more
Homeowners often use the basement for many different purposes, such as a living space or for storage. Yet, regardless of its use, the basement is also a building’s more
An in-ground concrete swimming pool is an investment that will provide countless hours of enjoyment and increase the value of your home. Compared to prefabricated fiberglass shells, more
Although waterproofing any area of a property should be left in professional hands, it’s still worth knowing basic terminology associated with the process. Understanding the terms more
Although one of the most highly durable products and versatile building materials, concrete does not come without its limitations. Many factors can cause concrete slabs to shrink more
When it comes to waiting for concrete to harden, the standard time frame given is 24 to 48 hours. But there are several factors that can affect that schedule. A concrete contractor more
Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the United States. From bridges and sidewalks to homes and skyscrapers, millions of structures are built using the more
It's something of an age-old debate: Which is the superior construction material, concrete or stone? Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making the more
Decorative concrete can be an excellent way to improve the look and value of your home or business. With so many options available, however, it can be hard to decide where to start. more
The installation of a pool in your backyard is a fantastic holiday gift for your family. However, you might be wondering whether winter is the best time for pool construction. more
Many business owners select concrete flooring for their commercial buildings. This long-lasting, durable material is a perfect fit for locations that have a lot of vehicle traffic more
Spalling occurs when concrete becomes cracked or flaky as a result of weathering over time. Moisture is typically a leading culprit behind concrete spalling. While the effects of more
It is the job of a concrete contractor to know the difference between concrete and cement—and know the properties that will create the desired material for any job. Although many more
When you decide to install a swimming pool in your backyard or as part of your next real estate project, determining the best material that will withstand the test of time is more
Concrete is an extremely durable material used to create a variety of structures, such as home and commercial building foundations, driveways, patios, and pools. While it’s more
Concrete pools are popular for their durability, longevity, and potential to exhibit a wide range of colors and styles. But they don’t stay looking good all by themselves — more
Patching wide cracks in concrete takes considerable time and effort. You must clean and widen the base of the crack to improve the patch grip, mix the patching compound, apply the more
The term "decorative concrete" refers to concrete materials that have been manipulated in creative and aesthetically pleasing ways. Such methods allow for businesses or more
May is National Water Safety Month, and with summer almost here, it’s important to be aware of a few safe practices before hitting the pool. Your local pool contractors have more
If you’re planning to get a custom swimming pool built this summer for your Oahu home, the pool construction professionals at Central Pacific Specialty Contractors highly more
Installing a pool will bring you years of family fun and relaxation, but pool construction can be a stressful endeavor. From planning and excavating to finally installing the pool, more
Even some of the toughest building materials, like concrete, can show signs of wear and tear after a while, signifying the need for concrete spall repair. The professionals at more
While all structures could benefit from professional waterproofing services, high-rise buildings are particularly at risk for the negative effects of water damage. Rather than more
Water is an incredible force with the power to erode coastlines, swallow ships whole, and flood buildings. The destruction water inflicts on buildings is two-fold — both cosmetic more
If you’re planning your upcoming pool construction, you and your family are in for a treat no matter what features you add. But as good as a pool is all by itself, a water feature more
Whether floating peacefully or splashing around with friends and family, a pool is a great addition to the home. The decision to commission pool construction is one that offers a more
It’s easy for home or business owners to take their establishment’s floors for granted. After all, most visitors or customers don’t typically scrutinize this part of your property more
Whether you need a new driveway, patio, sidewalk, garden path, or pool deck, there is only one material that’s easy to clean, requires little to no maintenance, has a long lifespan, more
Concrete spall repair is a process where contractors repair peeling or flaking damage caused by water entering the concrete. This maintenance issue, also known simply as “spalling,” more
The decision to build a swimming pool in your backyard shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only is it a major investment, but there are many areas of consideration homeowners tend more
If concrete plays a key role in the foundation of your home or building, waterproofing it can save you a lot of money in the long run. With help from a contractor who more
When a storm hits, the last thing you want is to see your concrete destroyed and your office damaged by water. At Central Pacific Speciality Contractors, located on Oahu, HI, they more
Concrete spalling, or the flaking and scaling of concrete structures, can lead to the degradation of your surfaces. If you want to ensure your driveway, sidewalk, or patio is more
Concrete is among the most versatile and useful of building materials used by modern contractors, and it can be put to use for a variety of commercial and residential applications — more
While concrete is an excellent, low-maintenance material for pools, driveways, and other areas around your home, it is not entirely maintenance-free. From removing oil stains off of more
Whether you’re installing a new driveway or tackling a pool construction project, you want to be sure you’re working with a concrete contractor you can trust. For over 25 years, more
Have you ever wondered how giant concrete bridges are constructed? Did you ever think about what the Colosseum is made of? Concrete is all around us in city infrastructure, streets, more
Swimming pools add quite a bit of value and enjoyment to a home. While it’s great if you’ve decided to take the plunge and install a pool, it’s not a good idea to try and do the more
As strong, tough, and reliable as concrete can be, it can still become weakened and damaged over time. Sturdy concrete walls and floors can develop cracks and holes, leading to more
If you need a quality concrete contractor in Kailua, HI, it’s worth doing a little research first. Not all companies provide the same level of customer service or quality more
Concrete maintenance is paramount for protecting the integrity of your apartment or condo complex, as well as ensuring it looks its best at all times. But beware — if you fall out more
Central Pacific Specialty Contractors in Aiea, HI, is a unique concrete business with over 25 years of experience. They specialize in waterproofing, pool construction, and more
With all the elements that indoor floors and outdoor surfaces endure on a daily basis, it only makes sense to protect them as much as possible. Waterproof coatings can be applied to more
If you’re in need of quality contracting services that require concrete flat work, whether it’s small or large projects, you’ll want to hire the best contractors in all of Hawaii.& more
During the summer months, your mind may be filled with images of building a swimming pool or constructing your own spa area. In the wintertime, those thoughts may turn more more
To make sure your home’s exterior can withstand tough weather and other outside forces, it’s important to have a solid bedrock. When homeowners in Hawaii want durable concrete more
Owning your own property, whether it’s your home or a business, comes with several responsibilities. One of the tasks that many property owners overlook is maintaining the condition more
Central Pacific Specialty Contractors is Hawaii's premier concrete repair and restoration company. Offering a variety of contracting services, these experienced technicians are more
Concrete spalling, also known as concrete cancer, is the erosion and wearing away of small bits from a larger concrete surface or object. While this is largely a cosmetic more
Installing a pool in your yard is a huge decision. You may have always wanted a pool, but you’ve put it off because it was such a big decision and you didn’t know which swimming more
If you’re thinking of installing a new pool (perfect for the hot summer weather) rely only on the best—Central Pacific Specialty Contractors in Aiea, HI. The owner, Willie White, more