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Are you looking for a friendly, reliable, and affordable company to heat your home? Since 1962, Servco Oil & Propane in Wilton, CT, has been providing residents with unbeatable heating oil, propane, and HVAC installation and maintenance services. With a commitment to their customers’ needs, the company is determined to provide residents with solutions that meet their budgets while also living up to their standards. 

Servco Oil & Propane is committed to forming long-standing relationships with all of their clients, because heating your home shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. Whether you have a problem with your HVAC system that needs immediate attention or no hot water in your home, Servco offers the quickest response times in the area. Since quality care is of the utmost importance to Servco Oil & Propane they only employ state licensed and trained technicians; this allows them to better control the quality of work they perform. And all of their HVAC work is guaranteed with a warranty.

Servco Oil & Propane offers a wide range of heating and cooling solutions, with a variety of expanded service plan coverage options and pricing designed to suit your budget. The family-owned and -operated company continues to serve customers with energy-efficient equipment and premium fuel at fair price points. 

If you need heating oil, propane, or HVAC services or installation, don’t hesitate to contact Servco Oil & Propane today at (203) 762-7994, or visit their website for a complete list of services.

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Propane is a versatile fuel and is used year-round.  Servco Oil & Propane provides their customers with automatic deliveries – you don’t have to watch the gauge on the ...read more
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It's Simple! Just call Servco Oil & Propane at 203-762-7994 to become a customer.  Servco Oil & Propane visits your home to meet you, take a look at your tank and the eq...read more
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The Summer Heat is almost here!  It’s time to make sure your Air Conditioning is working properly so you can beat the heat! Call Servco Oil & Propane at 203-762-7994 to sch...read more
Propane is a versatile fuel.  It is also clean and efficient.  Propane is used by people in lower Fairfield County in many ways. Propane Hot Water – water heaters gen...read more
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Servco Oil & Propane are proud to be a sponsor of the 6th Annual Touch-A-Truck to benefit the Children’s Day School of Wilton on Saturday, May 20th from 11am to 2pm at Middlebroo...read more
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