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Hatten Electric Service & Bak-Vol, Small Electrical Repairs, Services, Hastings, Nebraska

For expert electric motor or automotive starter repair, turn to the professionals at Hatten Electric Service & Bak-Vol. Serving Hastings, NE, for over 50 years, these specialists have the resources and expertise to solve even your most complex mechanical repair problems.

Founded in 1952, Hatten Electric Service specializes in electric motor and generator sales and repair. In 1987, the company expanded its range of services by purchasing Bak-Vol, a company offering sales and repair for alternators and automotive starters. Today, Hatten Electric Service & Bak-Vol is a pillar of the community, providing first-rate products and exceptional service.

Hatten Electric Service & Bak-Vol sells and services electric motors, generators, alternators, and automotive starters for industrial, agricultural, and automotive industries. They offer a superior line of motors from leading brands such as Toshiba, Dayton, and Emerson. They also provide electric generators, starters and alternators, and mowers. If you’re looking for controls and parts or gearing, they are the only distributors of U.S right-angle gear-head parts.

In addition to a large selection of quality products, Hatten Electric Service & Bak-Vol also provides expert repair services. They work on warranty repairs for motors, tools, and generators. Some of their additional services include motor rewinding, machining, and balancing. Whether you have a generator that needs service or a space heater that is not working, turn to these professionals for quick and competent electrical and mechanical repair. With 24/7 service, they are even available to assist you in emergencies.

When you need expert automotive repair or a new motor in Hastings, turn to Hatten Electric Service & Bak-Vol. Schedule a repair by calling (402) 463-4596, or learn more about these electric motor and generator experts by visiting them online.

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