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The bond agents at Mendez Brothers Bail Bonds in San Marcos, TX, are available 24/7, because no one should have to spend one minute longer than necessary in custody.  Serving all of Hays County, they ensure the bail process is completed as quickly as possible so that defendants can get home to their loved ones and start building their case.  

When a family member is arrested, it’s a stressful event for all parties involved. The more time individuals spend in jail, the more work they miss (and if they have children, they’ll also have to arrange for childcare as well). People who are facing criminal charges have enough to worry about, which is why Mendez Brothers Bail Bonds offers bail bonding services with price adjustments for certain clients. For example, they typically charge a 7% fee for their services, but military members and students can receive an additional discount.

If someone in your family is in trouble with the law, call Mendez Brothers Bail Bonds and you will be connected with a company owner. That means your bond agent is qualified to make immediate decisions regarding your bail services, and you won’t waste precious time negotiating or playing phone tag with an agent who is not empowered to act.

If you need bail money fast, turn to Mendez Brothers Bail Bonds in San Marcos, TX. They strive to help clients return to their everyday lives as soon as possible. Visit their website to learn more about their bail services, and call (512) 396-8781 if you need to bail someone out in Hays County today.

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