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Haggith’s Structural Scan & Inspection LLC

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Haggith’s Structural Scan & Inspection LLC, Home & Building Inspectors, Services, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Haggith’s Structural Scan & Inspection is the go-to source for underground imaging solutions in support of construction, utility, and engineering projects in Kaneohe, HI. Using non-destructive inspection methods and state-of-the-art equipment, the company is able to provide high-quality, reliable subsurface concrete scanning and utility location services.

After gaining extensive experience in the construction and public works industries, Dale Haggith founded the company in an effort to help clients avoid major problems on the outset of a job that requires any cutting, coring, or excavating. As president of the company, Haggith ensures that every employee is trained, tested, and highly qualified to handle the intricate nature of the site inspection and scanning services being offered. Haggith himself has earned certification in the Theory and Practice of Applying Subsurface Interface Radar in Engineering and Geophysical Investigations.

Buried obstructions are often found to be present deep within floors or walls. Beginning a project without the proper knowledge of their location leaves construction companies at risk of running into serious setbacks that end up costing extra money to resolve. It is the top priority of Haggith’s Structural Scan & Inspection to keep this from happening by using their non-destructive inspection technology to penetrate concrete areas and detect the presence of rebar, tension cables, conduits, utilities, burial sites, and anything else that may be obscured. The company will prepare a detailed inspection report of their findings once the services have been completed.

The company’s non-destructive inspection techniques mean there will be no inconvenience to the public or a job site, as well as no radiation exposure to worry about. Haggith’s Structural Scan & Inspection has worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects, and they are able to perform any inspection, concrete scanning, or cable detector service no matter the complexity of the assignment. Contact them today at (808) 239-4330 or visit their website for more information.

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