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Integrity makes a huge difference in the way a company is run, and you'll find a lot of it at T&S Auto Salvage. Based in Thomasville, NC, and serving neighboring communities within a 40-mile radius, this metal recycling company delivers service you can count on. 

T&S Auto Salvage purchases scrap metal in many shapes and forms; these metal recycling specialists buy junk vehicles of all kinds, including cars, tractors, and buses. The experts at this junk car facility also purchase a wide range of car parts, from batteries to catalytic converters, and they will pay you money for your aluminum cans. Whether you're looking to buy or sell scrap metal or used auto parts, you can turn to the professionals at this leading scrapyard to meet your needs.

You expect and deserve a fair price for your car parts and scrap metal, and T&S Auto Salvage won't let you down. These experts offer outstanding rates, and they'll pay you cash on the spot. 

In business since 2000, T&S Auto Salvage has been family-owned-and-operated from the very beginning. This isn't a faceless corporation that will treat you like a number; these metal recycling professionals take the time to get to know their clients and provide service rooted in familial values. You’ll receive careful attention all throughout your transaction, and same-day service is guaranteed if your call is placed before 3:00 p.m.

Choose T&S Auto Salvage to enjoy the best scrap metal prices and service that meets the highest standards of excellence and care. Schedule a scrap-metal pick up by calling (336) 882-7989, or learn more by visiting Thomasville's leading junk car facility online.

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