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Whether you need reliable semi repair, road service, or high quality parts for your car, you can rely on C. L. Chase 24 Hour Towing & Recovery, the premier tow company and salvage yard in Camp Douglas, WI. Their courteous, professional drivers offer 24-hour towing and recovery service, and their huge selection of parts and equipment make your auto repair, truck repair, or semi repair job a snap.

When you're stranded roadside, they’ll arrive promptly at your location to solve your problem, whether you need a battery jump start, tire service, or a tow to your regular auto repair shop. Their wreckers can handle vehicles of all sizes, including cars, trucks, semis, buses, and even large RVs, fleet trucks, and farm equipment.

The professional drivers at C. L. Chase 24 Hour Towing & Recovery are courteous, conscientious, and fully licensed, and their dispatchers have the experience and expertise to send the appropriate equipment for your situation, minimizing recovery time and getting you back on the road ASAP.

C. L. Chase 24 Hour Towing & Recovery also maintains the largest salvage yard in the Midwest, featuring more than 6,000 cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and semis of every model year. Their selection is wide enough to provide you with a solution for any repair job you face, and their staff is skilled in helping to find the perfect part in an efficient manner.

Whether you need quality auto parts or towing and recovery in Camp Douglas, WI, C. L. Chase 24 Hour Towing & Recovery is the wrecker service and salvage yard you can depend on. Their courteous drivers, speedy response time, and affordable rates make them your best bet when you find yourself in need of parts or towing. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (608) 427-6734 to speak to a friendly professional.

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