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Craft Connection Brewery Tours

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Do you love craft beer? Are you interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at the best local breweries? For a fun-yet-educational look at the best breweries in Cincinnati and Dayton, Craft Connection Brewery Tours encourages you to join them on one of their guided bus tours—while enjoying samples of the best local beer, of course! Get on board an upcoming scheduled tour or create your own private tour group by using their #HOPON hashtag to customize your brewery tour experience.

For guests 21 and older, brewery tours include transportation and tastings of various craft beers at each brewpub, along with a look at how each brewery creates their unique craft beer. Prices vary based on duration and the number of breweries visited, and public tours run Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, all year round.  You can even customize which breweries you’d like to visit as well as your pickup and drop off spots by using #HOPON for requests. Make sure to eat well before you begin so you can enjoy the many samples of local beer you’ll get to taste! Non-drinkers are also welcome—ask about their non-drinker ticket.

Your beer enthusiast tour guide will offer fun facts about each brewery on the tour, and the bus will be decked out with souvenir tasting cups to use at each stop, a cooler for storing your beer growlers from the tour, and water and snacks for the journey. Don’t forget to tip your guide!

If you love local craft beer, Craft Connection Brewery Tours offers the best tours of local breweries in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. #HOPON one of their public tours or organize your own private tour today—gift certificates for your favorite beer enthusiast are also available. Visit their website or call (937)-367-8054 to “get hopping” today!

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