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Whether it’s neck pain from a car accident or back pain from poor posture, pain can be debilitating. At the Pearlridge Chiropractic Center in Aiea, Hawaii, Rex K. Niimoto, DC, relieves pain and discomfort in a safe, natural way. With years of experience in chiropractic care, Dr. Niimoto and his health care team work with individuals to recover from injury, manage chronic conditions, and maintain maximum mobility and overall health.

Dr. Niimoto treats his patients holistically, evaluating structure and nerve function and improving emotional nerve circuits. If you’re looking for pain relief and injury treatment, Dr. Niimoto and his team teach patients exercises that help with mobility and strength. Patients will learn about correct posture and seating, lifting techniques, better work practices, and optimal sleeping positions. As the most trusted back doctor in Aiea, Dr. Niimoto also specializes in occupational rehabilitation and utilizes various chiropractic therapies to treat any work-related injury.

Dr. Niimoto also supplies a wealth of corrective and lifestyle advice. Whether you have chronic back pain from a fall, repetitive manual actions, lifting incorrectly, or just a bad night’s sleep, Dr. Niimoto will do a simple adjustment to your spine as well as offer you information to provide quick back pain relief. Even if you don’t have back pain now, a spinal and postural screening could save you from future back pain issues.

If your spine isn’t aligned properly, you could experience headaches, chronic pain, decreased mobility, and — in extreme cases — incapacitation. Caring for your spine is the key to a high quality of life. For more information about the most trusted chiropractor in Hawaii, visit the Pearlridge Chiropractic Center online or call Rex K. Niimoto, DC, at (808) 488-7751. You can also find the chiropractic center on Facebook.

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