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Janssen Auto Body, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Services, Hastings, Nebraska

In the course of their lifetimes, cars will face a wide variety of issues, ranging from structural problems to aesthetic decline. Instead of driving around to multiple shops to solve different auto issues, you can head over to Janssen Auto Body for the best one-stop shop in auto body service. Based in Hastings, NE, this collision center has acquired a sterling reputation for an outstanding ability to rehabilitate cars, no matter what the problem is.

As a collision repair center, Janssen Auto Body’s expertise begins with auto body repair work. Whether your car needs a dent removal, a scratch repair, or new glasswork after a crash, the auto shop will restore your vehicle with no trace of damage.

You can also take your car over to Janssen Auto Body for its excellence as a paint shop. Perhaps some paint was scraped off in an accident; if you’re hoping to get the color just right, the specialists will always be able to provide a match. They’re comfortable and experienced working with every kind of car, including domestic and foreign models.

With this locally-owned auto shop, you’re not only getting skilled technicians but a team extraordinarily devoted to their craft and clients. They pride themselves on their attention to small details, and their masterful auto detailing work, for instance, will amaze you with how pristine your car appears.

The company has such a high standard of work, all of their jobs come with a lifetime warranty. To make life easier for customers, the company works with all insurance companies, both local and national. They’ll always offer a free estimate, so you can immediately get a sense of what price range you’re looking at.

If your car has suffered any damage or decline, bring it to the top auto shop in Hastings. You can call (402) 463-5001 to speak with a friendly staff member at Janssen Auto Body. Making an appointment comes with a “first in service” guarantee, expediting the repair process. You can also like them on Facebook for updates. 

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