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No one knows more about garage doors than Durbin Garage Doors. Providing residential and commercial garage door installations in the St. Louis and St. Charles metropolitan areas for nearly 30 years, their experts have the knowledge and experience to recommend the ideal materials and designs for your new garage door.

Whether your taste is modern or traditional, Durbin Garage Doors can offer you options that will suit your needs and preferences. Their selection of residential garage doors includes carriage and insulated styles from high-quality brands like Clopay, Doorlink, and Linkmaster. If you live in an old, historic home, carriage style garage doors can complement the home’s vintage design but still function fully as a technologically advanced security component.

Homeowners who wish to add comfort and peace into their homes will love insulated doors, as they preserve warmth or coolness, depending on the season, and also prevent most external noise from entering the home. For offices and commercial establishments, Durbin Garage Doors also offers various types of garage doors including sectional, rolling steel, and loading dock garage doors. Their skilled technicians can install and repair these kinds of doors to enhance their performance and reliability.

No matter what kind of garage door you choose, make sure that you get it from a reliable and reputable source. As residential and commercial garage door specialists, Durbin Garage Doors can provide installations, repairs, and maintenance at affordable rates and with friendly service. Get a free estimate by calling (636) 443-9385 and check out their complete list of garage doors by visiting their website.

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