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Should you require any electrical or plumbing repairs, Miller & Humphrey Plumbing & Electric is always up for the task. For over six decades, this premier electrical and plumbing contractor has served Enterprise and other Alabama cities with the best installation, maintenance, and repair services. From managing your commercial and residential wiring to handling water heaters and plumbing, the pros complete every job with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

As a comprehensive solution provider, Miller & Humphrey Plumbing & Electric offers a diverse range of services for your home and business. Whether you need minor fixes and upkeep or full-fledged overhauls and installations, this electrical and plumbing contractor has got you covered. While the plumbers ensure foolproof water filter and Jacuzzi services, the electricians perform all electrical projects with absolute precision.

On top of the exceptional installation and restoration services, Miller & Humphrey Plumbing & Electric furnishes clients with an expansive selection of spare parts. Any time your electrical or plumbing system needs a new component, turn to this contractor to get the right replacement in no time. Thanks to the extensive experience and skill they possess, these technicians can handle any brand with unmatched efficiency.

Being state-licensed, Miller & Humphrey Plumbing & Electric is well-aware of the essential safety protocols for residential and commercial clients. The company’s impressive client portfolio comprises all types of Alabama locals, including homeowners and commercial enterprises of various sizes. Call the in-house electrical and plumbing contractors at (334) 347-9212, or visit the website to learn more about the services they offer.

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