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Junk car removal can seem like a hassle, especially if your salvage car has been reduced to bits and pieces, but if you choose the right buyer, the process will be smooth and seamless. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Kev's Towing & Auto Salvage offers cash for junk cars across Bucks and Montgomery Counties. These junk car buyers will remove your salvage car from your property, and they provide convenient, same-day service if you contact them early in the day.

The vehicle removal services offered by these auto recycling experts cover virtually any vehicle with four wheels. If you have a non-operational car, van, trailer, or forklift that you've been wanting to get rid of, these junk car buyers will take it off your hands.

You deserve to get the best rates for your salvage car, and Kev's Towing & Auto Salvage offers the best prices. Once a quote has been made over the phone, you can count on the terms to be honored. The technician who arrives to facilitate your junk car removal will treat you with respect and won't waste your time by trying to haggle down the price.

This auto recycling facility is run by experts with over 30 years of combined industry experience. Employees are chosen both for their industry knowledge and their people skills, so you can expect service that is both courteous and informed. For your convenience, this cash-for-cars center is open seven days a week.

The company's helpful website allows you to submit a description of your salvage car to receive an instant quote. Get top dollar for your junk car by calling (215) 791-2422 to schedule an appointment, or learn more by visiting Philadelphia's favorite junk car removal service online

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Philadelphia Junk Cars Kev's Towing & Auto Salvage is a major junk car buyer in the Philadelphia area. We buy vehicles all over Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery more
Sell Your Junk Cars For Cash Today Welcome to We are committed to being Philadelphia's fastest, easiest way to give Cash for your junk, or unwanted vehicle. more
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If you desire to sell your junk vehicle, the procedure is very easy. If you are in Philadelphia, Bucks County or Montgomery County, call us now 215.791.2422 or fill out the online more
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