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When you're buying or selling a house, you want more than a just real estate agent. You want a partner who will be there with guidance and advice every step of the way. Serving Kannapolis, NC, and surrounding communities, Amber Lube, Keller Williams Realty Concord/Kannapolis is the realtor with the skills and tenacity to function as an essential ally on your real estate journey. Whether you’re putting your home up for sale or starting your house hunting journey for the first time, Amber will provide the assistance you need to make the wisest choices along the way.


If you're searching for a new home, count on Amber Lube, Keller Williams Realty Concord/Kannapolis to accurately assess your budget, needs and preferences, and combine them to find the perfect home for you. Amber and Leaurel are the experts in the local Concord area, and is ready to use their thorough knowledge of the local real estate market, expert negotiation skills, financing arrangements and more to get you the best deal.


When selling your home, turn to Leaurel and Amber Lube at Keller Williams Realty for a custom evaluation, including selling prices for similar homes in the area, property staging, and home inspection coordination. Promoted both on the web and through email campaigns, your home is sure to sell at the price you want.


Amber Lube, Keller Williams Realty Concord/Kannapolis offers a useful website, featuring real estate listings and a specialized property search feature. Buy or sell a house the easy way by calling this leading Concord real estate agents at (704) 467-0685 for Leaurel, (704) 577-5966 for Amber, or learn more by visiting Amber Lube, Keller Williams Realty Concord/Kannapolis online

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