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South Central Nebraska has never been known as a technology or communications hub, but Glenwood, the premier Fiber and Telephone provider in Blue Hill, NE, is changing that perception. The telecommunications company has spent 11 years and millions of dollars bringing fiber optic communications to rural areas of the state. Their phone systems, internet support, and computer services have put small town Nebraska residents and businesses into easy contact with the world.

Since 1897, when a phone line running from the First National Bank to the home of its vice-president was installed, Glenwood Business Center has been providing communications services of all types. Today, the company serves 2,200 telephone customers, 1,000 cable television customers, and 3,000 internet customers throughout Webster and Adams counties.

Glenwood is more than just a phone company, they’re also the area's leading residential and commercial high-speed internet provider, offering free installation, free cabling and equipment, free tech support, and free email virus protection. The company also sells and repairs computers, tablets, and digital devices to keep you connected with friends and family wherever they are.

Glenwood Business Center, the most trusted IT service and telecommunications company in Blue Hill, NE, has been serving local residents for over 100 years. They have the experience and expertise to bring you the clearest, most dependable internet with the finest customer service. Visit their website to learn about their phone, cable, and internet packages, or call (402) 756-3131 to speak to a customer service rep about your business or residential communications needs.

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