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Toker Friendly

1515 S Lyons Rd.
Airway Heights, WA 99001
(509) 244-8728
Toker Friendly , Marijuana Dispensary, Services, Airway Heights, Washington

Toker Friendly of Spokane in Airway Heights, WA, is your one-stop cannabis shop for both medical and recreational marijuana. Whether you’re familiar with the world of marijuana or taking your first steps toward the benefits of THC, you’ll find a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with a wide selection to match at Toker Friendly of Spokane. This marijuana dispensary has a wide selection of different strains and accessories, making it a convenient and affordable destination for all your weed needs.

As a fully certified marijuana dispensary, Toker Friendly of Spokane’s strains are all grown with safe practices and regulated for the highest quality. The store also carries a broad selection of pipes, vapes, and other marijuana accessories for both medical and recreational use, allowing you to freely choose the best method for you. Additionally, as a medically certified retailer, the knowledgeable staff brings their expert advice to the dispensary counter, explaining the different effects of various plant strains and helping you choose the best bud for your unique requirements.

At this neighborhood marijuana dispensary, customers are always treated like friends. The laid back team enjoys educating newcomers about the many interesting aspects of marijuana and its variety of uses. From oils to edibles to balms and more, the Toker Friendly of Spokane staff is always happy to point you in the right direction without any pressure. Their aim is to provide not only quality products, but also an enjoyable, relaxed retail experience that will have customers coming back for more.

Whether your needs are recreational or medical, you’ll find everything you need for the best marijuana experience at Toker Friendly of Spokane. For more information about their products, give their team a call at (509) 244-8728 or visit their website today.

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