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When it comes to mosquito control, lots of companies make big promises, but they don't always deliver results. Serving Raleigh, NC, and The Triangle, Skeeter B Gone provides mosquito control services you can count on. All work is backed by a 100% guarantee, and if you see a mosquito in between treatments, the company's experts will provide you with a touch-up visit at no additional charge.

Mosquitoes will compromise the health and safety of your family and your pets, and they carry ailments such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and dog heartworm.

Skeeter B Gone offers a range of mosquito treatment plans to keep your yard safe and free of pests. A mosquito barrier spray is available, a treatment that is done every 21 days. If you're interested in using mosquito repellent for an outdoor social gathering, you can choose Skeeter B Gone's special events service. With this package, mosquito spraying will be administered 48 hours before your guests arrive.

The company's mosquito barrier spray presents a safe and user-friendly approach to mosquito control. The spray is transparent and odorless, and it dries within 30 minutes. It's safe for both your family and your pets, and the treatment takes just 20 to 30 minutes to apply. For your convenience, this mosquito barrier can be applied even when you're not at home.

Some customers prefer natural pest control options, so in addition to its synthetic mosquito barrier spray, Skeeter B Gone offers all-natural mosquito control methods. The company's all-natural mosquito barrier spray repels these pests immediately, but it's less adhesive than the synthetic option, and as a result, it needs to be applied every 14 days. That said, it's just as effective as the synthetic mosquito repellent and is backed by the same guarantee.

With scores of favorable reviews on Angie's List, Skeeter B Gone is an industry leader in mosquito control. Call (919) 439-0796 to schedule an appointment, or learn more about the range of affordable treatment plans offered by visiting Raleigh's best mosquito repellent providers online

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