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Father Football

It's a book about God that will make a man's palms sweat

Father Football

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What some people are saying about this book:

“There is more to this book than a godly man sharing events that have shaped his life and his faith. The freedom found in trusting in Christ’s atonement permeates the pages. Father, Football reveals biblical truths through sports analogies, through raw experience, and through Scripture interpretation. It’s an evangelistic tool and also a devotional. Even when you have dog-eared sections and amassed coffee stains, I am certain you will be sharing Father Football with your family and friends.”

Dr. Nick Saari

FATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses.

“While reading this book I found myself thinking about spiritual things more. I found myself opening up and being spoken to in a way that I have not felt the Holy Spirit working in quite some time. I think this would be a great book for any group study. I am amazed at the depth and breadth of all the Scripture that is used with heartfelt anecdotes to illustrate truth in this book.  It made for an enjoyable reading experience. The author does a great job of weaving contemporary culture, football, and the truth of Scripture into an insightful and entertaining format.”

Rick Hjelm


"If you or someone you know desires to grow in faith, then read Tom Opsahl's book FATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses, and you will indeed grow in faith. Opsahl's strong faith and the power and promise of the gospel shine through in an easy-to-understand way." 

Pastor John Hogenson


“Tom’s methodical and straightforward use of personal experiences of himself and others, logic and reason, intertwined with Scripture, make a persuasive case that Jesus is exactly who Jesus claimed he is.”

Dave Senger

FATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses

"Anyone who feels an unexplainable void in their life will find the only answer that will ever make perfect sense to them revealed within the pages of this book. I would testify to this."

Bob Langley


"I have been in a longtime men's Bible study, and our group is always looking for interesting and challenging topics, books, or subjects.  This study seems like the perfect thing for our group. We all can relate to the Fatherly references, and would be challenged by how we could use this study in our sphere of influence. The football aspect is a bonus."

Jim Tjader


“This book is an excellent treatise on the immeasurable depth of God's love. Using stories of well-known football coaches, who devised winning game plans, along with his own experiences being coached by his father, Tom draws some remarkable insights on the gospel. What I appreciate is how Tom illustrates the continuity between the Old and New Testament, and how God presented His plan for man's salvation by promising the Messiah throughout the Old Testament. Thus, the Bible is the ultimate playbook and we should want to know it and seek God through its words. Tom asserts in the book that the ultimate big play was God allowing His only Son to die, thereby redeeming us from our sins forever! Of course, the empty tomb was the winning touchdown.”
—Wallace F. Johnson

FATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses


“It is clear that sports and God have shaped Tom.  Even as a non-sports-minded woman, I found this book to be inspirational, valuable, and even entertaining.  It would make an interesting small-group book study.”

—Carolyn Krech


"I found Tom's witness of Christ's presence in competition illuminating.  Presented in short segments, heavily supported in Scripture, and told through the lens of athletics, this book is ideal for small group discussions and daily devotions."

—Mark Swanson


 “Having known Tom personally for many years and watching him love God and his family, his stories and examples resonate with me deeply and accurately convey his passion for sharing the love of God. For those of us who aren't sports fans, Tom has written about truths and common experiences of life that can easily be used to stimulate discussion of spiritual matters. Life and Scripture are interwoven beautifully. This book is a heartfelt 'thank you' to God and Tom's family.”

—Kris Tjader


“Tom's book makes it clear we need to follow after God and allow Him to shape us into the man He intended us to be. We need to make ourselves available to listen to His voice and follow His plan for our life.”

—Doug Peltier

FATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses


Add FATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses to your list of books to read. For more information about this book, visit the websiteFATHER, Football, Xs & Os, Hugs and Kisses is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

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