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Wolcott View Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center

Wolcott View Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center

50 Beach Rd.
Wolcott, CT 06716
(203) 879-8066
Wolcott View Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center , Rehabilitation Programs, Services, Wolcott, Connecticut

In times of sickness, there truly is “no place like home.” That’s why Wolcott View Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center makes it a priority to give all guests an environment that is as welcoming and rejuvenating as home can be. Offering expert care, first-rate facilities, and innovative technology, this Wolcott, CT, health center is ready to help all guests achieve the quality of life they deserve.

With a focus on holistic care, the team at Wolcott View Manor is dedicated to helping guests heal and recover with confidence. For instance, residents and outpatients can benefit from this center’s physical and occupational therapy, pain management, or comprehensive wound care services.

Among their services, this rehab center offers a 20-bed Heart & Lung Center designed to help reduce the hospital re-admission rates of patients. Under the care of specialists and physicians, guests can expect to receive treatment plans tailored to their specific conditions, such as COPD or asthma. Private rooms with in-wall oxygen are also available to provide guests with added comfort.

While the goal of this Wolcott rehab center is to restore health to guests, they also put a high value on comfort and enjoyment. While receiving some of the best nursing home care in the area, guests are also able to improve their well-being through the use of the facility’s therapy gym, entertainment lounge, beauty salon, private dining, and outdoor courtyard.

Want to find out if a rehabilitation program is right for you or your loved one?  Take a virtual tour of the Wolcott View Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center on their website. You can also review additional services they offer, including hospice care led by a team of palliative specialists. To learn more about the benefits and affordability of any of their services, call the team at (203) 879-8066 today.

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