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A bright, healthy smile will serve you for a lifetime. Hulse Dental in Onalaska, Wisconsin, ensures every patient receives the highest quality oral care available. From dental crowns to teeth cleanings, Dr. Kurt Hulse and his experienced team have been keeping smiles strong and healthy for 15 years.

Hulse Dental provides the vital dental assistance you need for optimal oral health. Through their unwavering commitment to preventative oral care, they help patients of all ages maintain radiant, strong smiles. From teeth cleanings to filling cavities, they’ll help you avoid unnecessary damage, decay, and other oral heath issues. Their restorative services include wisdom teeth care, root canals, and dental implants and crowns. They also offer professional teeth whitening to give your smile an extra vibrant boost.

Hulse Dental offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a friendly and caring staff. They use only the latest and most advanced technology and restorative materials to ensure optimal support for your dental health. Their state-of-the-art equipment provides quick and efficient services, including CEREC for same-day crowns and implants. Dr. Hulse and his team pride themselves on keeping customers healthy and happy and providing an overall positive experience, from the facility to the experienced staff to the incredible results you receive every time.

For the best dental practice in Onalaska, choose Hulse Dental. From root canals to teeth cleanings, they provide the expert dental services you need for optimal oral care. Make an appointment by calling (608) 783-1306, or visit their website for more information.

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