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Green Street Massage

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Green Street Massage, Massage Therapy, Health and Beauty, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Founded by the husband-wife duo of Chris and Lily Brenneck, Green Street Massage is the best health and wellness center in Boston. As skilled massage therapists and personal fitness enthusiasts, Chris and Lily are committed to providing premier yoga, medication, and alternative healing in Jamaica Plain.

As firm believers in the study of bodywork modalities and herbal medicine, the experts behind Green Street Massage hope that through combining nutrition, spirituality, and meditation, clients will gain a holistic perspective on their bodies and their movements, which will help them understand the best alternative healing solutions. In place of providing general massage or acupuncture treatment for every client, Green Street Massage works to understand his or her health history, everyday activities, and overall posture. Their personalized wellness services help to speed the healing process faster than traditional medicine, as it takes more than just biological health into consideration.

Massage, especially when combined with flexibility and strength training, guided meditation, and alternative medicines (such as acupuncture), has been shown to improve muscle health and stimulate an increase in general health and wellness. Further benefits of the holistic approach to healing as practiced by Green Street Massage include greater body awareness, decreased stress, improved balance and pain relief. To learn more about unique or holistic approaches to wellness, schedule an appointment, consult with a massage therapist, or register for classes, visit Green Street Massage’s website.

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