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Woodward Auto Parts in Brockton, MA has Boston’s widest selection of automobile parts for any and all vehicles. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, Woodward Auto Parts has all the heavy duty equipment you need for your vehicle. With experienced technicians working on your engine, Woodward provides the highest quality service and top-of-the-line products.

Woodward Auto Parts carries a wide range of car accessories from a diverse array of manufactures such as 3M, AC Delco, AIMCO, Air Liquide, Akesono, ATP, Autolite, Bendix, Bosal, Bosch, G.E., National, Nationwide, and Wagner. Search for specific parts with Woodward’s online Parts Look Up or browse the wide in-store inventory of standard and specialty parts. Woodward’s virtual Parts Look Up also allows you to compare quotes, order directly online, check vehicle VIN numbers, and even stock vehicle parts in a digital inventory for later reference.

Woodward Auto Parts in Brockton, MA makes it simple to browse, compare, and select the right automobile parts for your vehicle. With an unbeatable stock of car accessories, reliable replacement parts, as well as unyielding customer service, Woodward Auto Parts continues to be Brockton's best source for automobile services. 

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Providing power to the battery, the alternator is a very important part of your vehicle. However, like nearly all other auto parts, it can fail if not properly maintained. Sometimes more
Common car problems can be a real pain, especially when you lack an understanding of how to troubleshoot them. However, with the right information, anyone can identify and more
Despite being one of the more important auto parts, shock absorbers often get little attention. The team at Woodward’s Auto Parts of Brockton, MA, has seen firsthand what more
With the fall nearly in full swing and winter just around the corner, right now is the best time to make sure your car is ready to withstand the falling temperatures and inclement more
With so many car maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of on a regular basis, it’s hardly surprising that taking care of your brakes can sometimes slip through the cracks. more
There’s no doubt that at some point some part of your trusty car will start to malfunction or fail; this is simply what happens with use over time. One part that certainly has a more
In addition to regular oil changes and other important engine maintenance, clean car air filters are responsible for increased engine life and overall better performance. You can more
Certain vehicle features probably never cross your mind when you're behind the wheel of your car, and one of those features is likely traction control. Based in Brockton, MA, more
With summer in full swing, it’s time to get out on the road and enjoy your vehicle; just be sure it’s in good shape first. Woodward’s Auto Parts in Brockton, MA, wants you to enjoy more
As soon as you take your car on the road for the first time, it will begin to age. Even the highest quality machine, sooner or later, will require a few new vehicle parts to stay in more
There are a wide variety of auto parts that you need to take care of so you can stay safe while driving. While it may be relatively easy to remember the need for engine maintenance more
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Your engine is the most important part of your vehicle, and when engine troubles arise, your car can become practically unusable. Woodward’s Auto Parts in Brockton, Massachusetts, more
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Your car enables you to travel from place to place in comfort and safety. The experts at Woodward's Auto Parts, a car accessories store serving Brockton, MA, say that diligent more
Your car’s battery is the unsung hero that keeps your vehicle going without much fanfare until the day it suddenly stops working. Replacing the battery regularly can prevent more
Compared to previous years, cars have come a long way, warranting innovations in auto parts as well. As noted by the experts at Brockton, MA’s Woodward’s Auto Parts, cars today have more
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Woodward's Auto Parts is Boston's best auto parts store. Customers throughout the area enjoy receiving guidance from their sales associates and perusing their extensive and more
A dead car battery can leave you stranded. Even though it's a problem that completely blindsides many people, car batteries offer signals that they're in trouble days or weeks more
When it comes to keeping your car safe on wet and slick driving surfaces, you rely on traction control. When you are looking for brake parts to keep your traction control system more
Woodward's Auto Parts is Boston's one-stop-shop for vehicle parts. Located in Brockton, this auto parts store keeps their shelves fully stocked with the industry's leading car more
Your car seems to be made up of endless moving parts from your engine to your wheels to your brakes. If anything is out of sync, you can find yourself with a very unreliable car. more
High heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your car, and the strain of travel in extreme conditions leads to an even greater need for routine engine maintenance. If you live in the more
You aren’t the only thing that can overheat during the summer. When a car overheats, it means the engine is running hot, which can lead to a complete meltdown of your vehicle. more
Every summer, the higher temperatures can push your car to the limit, so it is important to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Before running off to the mechanic more
Brake parts, replacement parts, car batteries, car accessories—when you shop Woodward's Auto Parts, and and/or all of these can be found under one roof (or, more appropriately, more
When the weather outside gets warmer, and winter’s frost starts to dissipate, folks quickly go into spring cleaning mode. After you organize your closets and dust your picture more
When it comes to repairing your car or making upgrades to it, there are two main approaches to take: you can outsource the entire process to a specialist, or you can play a more more
Just because you’re not an auto mechanic yourself, that doesn't mean you're incapable of addressing certain auto issues that might flare up. In fact, according to the vehicle parts more
When it comes to auto parts, knowing what you need isn’t always enough—the search for just the right part or accessory often proves to be the greatest challenge. Thankfully, though, more
When you have trouble starting your car, you might interpret it as a sign that your car is getting too old, and that it's time for you to head to the dealership to pick out a new more
Your car’s shock absorbers are responsible for ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. But, like many auto parts, they tend to wear out over time. When it’s time for new shocks or more
The alternator of your car is a belt driven, saucer-sized device that channels the energy from the engine into the vehicle’s electrical system. Not only does it power car more
Your car battery provides the spark that turns the engine on, as well as the electricity needed to keep all the lights and accessories working properly. As important as this small more
If you're noticing any strange sounds or feelings coming from your car, it may be trying to tell you that it’s in need of a tune-up. Your car’s dashboard has numerous lights to more
If you want your vehicle to last you for many years, it’s imperative to change your oil on a regular basis. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly how often your oil more
Out of all of the parts that make up your vehicle, we can probably all agree that the brakes are extremely important. If your brakes were to give out while driving, this could cause more
Woodward’s Auto Parts provides both new and used vehicle parts to customers throughout Brockton, MA. They work with a wide variety of manufacturers, such as AIMCO, G.E., Bosch, and more
Some mechanical problems can be safely ignored until you get around to fixing them, but others require immediate attention. Woodward’s Auto Parts, Brockton’s leading supplier more
By all indications, this is going to be a tough winter in Boston. Road conditions will be more hazardous, and, if your car isn’t ready for the onslaught, the low temperatures can more
As winter approaches, smart drivers must take the necessary steps to ensure that their vehicle is fully prepared for the cold months ahead. In an effort to help drivers prepare for more
Woodward’s Auto Parts provides the easiest auto parts selection process for each customer through an excellent website and the knowledgable service professionals in the showroom. more
Woodward's Auto Parts in Brockton knows that when it comes to effective car and engine maintenance, it's best to return to the basics. With a full inventory of replacement parts, more
A nationwide miracle occurred at the gas pump this past July: Gas prices fell in 30 out of 31 days, accounting for the biggest July price decline in six years. Though this news more
When planning summer road trips, there’s already so much to think about that you rarely have time to take care of the most important thing: your car! At Woodward's Auto Parts more
Spend $25.00 on any invoice and receive a $5.00 Subway Gift CardStop by Woodwards in Brockton ,MA and shopread more
Woodward's Auto Parts is committed to providing the New England area with the best selection of car and truck replacement parts both in-store and online. Woodward's is known as “The more
Winter can take a toll on your vehicle, and with unpredictable weather on the horizon, it is important to properly prepare your car. Woodward’s Auto Parts has everything you need to more
Your vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important mechanisms, critical to keeping you and your family safe. Proper brake maintenance, repair, and installation requires diligence more
With freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall putting a strain on your vehicle's engine, winter is undoubtedly a grueling time for your automobile. It's important to stay on top of more
A well maintained vehicle will not only perform better on the road, but is also more cost effective. With the price of fuel continuing to rise, drivers are always searching for ways more
As you cruise down a stretch of highway you suddenly notice that smoke is billowing from your car's hood. You pull over and pop the hood and through the cloud of exhaust you see more
Winter is a grueling season for your vehicle. Thanks to freezing temperatures, icy roads, and punishing snow storms, your car's engine is under a lot of pressure. But with spring more
While spring weather means no more snow or ice, fluctuating temperatures do mean that you can look forward to more potholes during your daily commute. As snow and ice melts, the more
As air pollution and fuel efficiency become a growing concern across the world, one of the best and easiest things a driver can do to improve the quality of both is to regularly more
As you place the key into your vehicle’s ignition, you suddenly hear your engine sputter and fail to start. While you may be confronted with a number of potential causes and repair more
Now that spring is in full gear, it’s time to make sure that your car is ready for typical April showers. Replacing your wheels and checking the suspension is one thing, but your more
With the shifting seasons, it's time to give your car a thorough and intensive inspection. Winter weather, road conditions, and driving style can all contribute to major wear and more
As you hit the road this summer, remember that parking and driving in the sun can be hazardous to your vehicle. Too much heat over an extended period of time will endanger your more
Summer is the perfect time to take an unforgettable road trip with friends and family. But with the added stress of warming temperatures, on top of the extra performance, your more
Summer is the perfect time for road trips, but without the proper maintenance, your vehicle can be under serious stress. With high temperatures, violent weather, and heavy more
Regardless of what type of car you drive throughout the streets of Brockton, your vehicle’s tires are essential to enjoying a smooth and safe ride. With so many factors to consider, more
Do you find yourself replacing your car battery all too often? Woodward’s Auto Parts, Brockton’s one-stop destination for all auto parts and car accessories, knows how annoying and more