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Reinventing your home’s appearance can be an expensive and time-consuming affair, but not with Contemporary Refinishing at your service. For over 15 years, this local contractor has served homeowners in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas with bathtub and appliance refinishing solutions. Whether you need shower and bathroom refinishing or kitchen counter and cabinet re-glazing, the company will restore your home décor elements to their original glory.

Contemporary Refinishing has a unique approach toward reviving the beauty of your stone and tile products. Following a meticulously crafted procedure, the company resurfaces the countertops and ceramics, then coats them with an acrylic-based protective layer. Then, using a primer, the local business extends the life of the finish and replenishes its spectacular shine.

Contemporary Refinishing will help breathe life into your home without requiring you to spend an arm and a leg. The company works on your existing products, sparing you the cost and the hassle that full-fledged tile and countertop replacement entails. No matter how dull or discolored a surface may be, the refinishing pros can chisel it to perfection in just a 24-hour time frame.

Contemporary Refinishing masterfully resurfaces wood, laminate, ceramic, and porcelain alike. Offering a large variety of colors and finishes, the company gives you the freedom to select what best complements your taste and your home’s décor. As a comprehensive solution provider, the St. Louis contractor also offers stunning and long-lasting appliance refinishing services to redefine your kitchen’s look.

Fully licensed and insured, Contemporary Refinishing will ensure that your resurfacing project is in good hands. For further information about the company’s exceptional refinishing solutions, call (314) 520-0857 or visit the website.

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