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Since 1986, Advantage Carpet Care of Honolulu, HI has provided top-quality carpet and upholstery care to their commercial and residential customers. From mere stain removals to full-service steam cleanings, the dedicated staff members of this locally owned and operated company will leave your surfaces feeling soft and looking spotless.

Carpet stains are not just unsightly annoyances; they can actually point to harmful concentrations of dust mites, grime, and germs. With a combination of truck-mounted and portable equipment, these expert carpet cleaners will get to the bottom of your carpet’s discoloration, extinguishing any sign of dirt or bacteria. Advantage Carpet Care is also prepared to offer gentle cleaning services, so you can leave your delicate oriental rugs in their trusted care.

Tired of those unattractive reminders of spills on the sofa? Advantage Carpet Care goes beyond flooring by lending their careful attention to detail to your upholstered furniture. From contemporary recliners and sectionals to grandma’s antique wingback chair, these skilled upholstery cleaners will transform your living room into a fresh oasis.

In the unfortunate event of a flood, Advantage Carpet Care is available 24/7 for emergency water extraction and structural drying. Rest assured your Water Restoration Technician will arrive promptly, mitigate further damage and be respectful of you and your belongings.

At Advantage Carpet Care, trusted service meets affordable pricing to bring you the best local value in Oahu. In addition to a no-obligation quote, this widely respected carpet cleaning company offers military and senior discounts to all eligible customers. Call Advantage Carpet Care at (808) 261-0007 for more information, or visit their website to read rave reviews from satisfied local customers.

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