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For residents of Cincinnati, OH, who hire Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation, the grass is always greener on their own side of the fence. Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation provides custom lawn care for clients in the surrounding Cincinnati area, from irrigation installation and mosquito control to aeration and fertilization.

The summers in Ohio don’t last forever, so make the most of them by hiring Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation for all of your lawn care needs. Their lawn services include weed, insect, and grub control, as well as core aeration and irrigation installation and maintenance. They provide these lawn services from March to November, and every lawn treatment starts and ends with fertilization to ensure a lush green lawn year after year.

The skilled technicians at Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation can install, expand, and service your sprinkler systems. The irrigation structures provided by Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation are Rain Bird systems, which offer a five-year parts guarantee. In addition, they will match that guarantee on labor costs if you hire them annually for your lawn’s startup and winterization. Their aeration services open up the soil to promote the growth of grass and a healthier root system.

Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation treats your lawn like their own and offers satisfaction guaranteed. Whether you use them once or schedule regular lawn care, their prompt and friendly lawn services are backed by their commitment to excellence. As a locally owned and operated company for over 25 years, they have become one of the most trusted names in lawn care in the Cincinnati area.

Everyone deserves healthy, lush grass and Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation in Cincinnati will help you get the yard of your dreams. Visit their website to learn more about the various lawn services they offer, and call them at (513) 755-9434 to schedule an appointment today.

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Spring is a season of growth; flowers bloom, plants sprout, and trees and bushes develop fresh, green foliage. Fertilizing your lawn in early spring ensures grass roots have more
A lush lawn doesn't happen by chance. It requires proper seeding, fertilization, weed and pest control, among other services. The right lawn care provider can banish brown spots and more
Before winter snows arrive to stay, give your lawn, trees, and shrubs some extra attention. Taking steps now can help your grass and landscape plants weather the harsh temperatures more
Preparing your lawn to endure the cold means getting a jump on fertilization now. Late autumn is the ideal time to provide the nutrients for your yard because the temperatures are more
Aeration is a type of lawn maintenance in which the soil is broken up to create pathways. This tactic allows the soil to soak up all of the nutrients it needs to thrive. In fact, more
Mulch is a multi-purpose lawn care tool. When it covers the soil, it suppresses weeds while also helping the earth to stay cool and retain moisture. Additionally, it more
If your lawn looks brown no matter how much you water it, you might have a bug problem. Before brown lawn moths get their wings, they exist in a caterpillar phase and are more
If you want a green oasis in your yard, you need to water your lawn regularly. An irrigation system eases the process, sparing you the trouble of lugging out an old-fashioned hose more
Just like people, plants need certain nutrients to survive. Fertilization gives your lawn the food it needs to thrive, creating strong growth that is more resistant to pests and more
Weeds aren’t only unsightly, but they also harm the health of your lawn. Simply applying weed killer to individual plants is tedious, ineffective, and likely to damage other more
When crabgrass is allowed to grow, it can quickly take over an entire area, interfering with your garden and plants. This weed is stubborn, difficult to fight, which is why more
Warm temperatures and the growth of new plant life make spring a wonderful time of the year. However, mowing your grass incorrectly can leave your lawn damaged and looking less than more
During damp and humid times of the year, you might notice what looks like pink or red fibers clinging to patchy areas in the turf. Known as red thread, the fungus won’t kill the more
A good lawn care company will have the knowledge, tools, and techniques to give you a healthy, vibrant garden. As in any industry, however, not all service providers are more
Your lawn is your own outdoor oasis—a place where your kids can play or you can soak up some sunshine. Fertilization is a must if you want to keep your grass looking fresh and more
If you want strong, vibrant grass growth in your front lawn, you need to aerate at least twice per year. Just like people, plants need food to grow; aeration ensures they get the more
In the spring, the weather warms up, and your garden enters an active growing phase. This is the perfect time to take care of lawn care tasks, from fertilization to aeration. If you more
Moving into a new house is sure to keep you busy. Along with cleaning, arranging furniture, and hanging pictures, there’s plenty to do to make your new space feel like home. more
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Heavy rain and foot traffic are elements that compact the soil of your lawn over time, starving the grass and plant roots below. This results in dead, patchy, and thinning growth. more
Plants need the right food to grow strong and maintain their wellbeing from one season to the next. Deep root feeding is a unique style of fertilization designed to incorporate more
A well-functioning irrigation system controls the amount of moisture your garden gets, ensuring it’s sufficiently watered without flooding. Safeguard your irrigation system in the more
With the colder months looming, you might assume you can safely lay off the lawn care while your garden prepares to hibernate all winter. However, now is the perfect time to more
After a long summer of running and playing outdoors, your lawn needs room to breathe. To promote a healthy lawn all year-round, homeowners should always incorporate aeration to more
If you’re tired of yanking weeds out of your flowerbeds, you may want to take additional measures to combat them. When used correctly, weed killer works very effectively to take more
If you want a lush lawn and garden, you can’t depend on rainfall alone to nourish it. Regular watering ensures your plants are getting the moisture they need to sustain strong more
Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding pastime, allowing you to spend time outdoors while creating your very own green oasis. If you’re just getting into the hobby, you may not more
If you aren’t aerating your lawn, your garden will not achieve its maximum potential. Aeration ensures that the nutrients and oxygen grass needs reach its roots. If you more
Fertilization provides your grass with the nutrients it needs to create lush, thick growth. Not all fertilizers are suitable for all landscapes, however. Just like people, different more
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Mowing the grass can be a relaxing activity for many people. While keeping up with certain maintenance yourself is essential, some lawn care requires the work of an more
Weeds don’t just ruin the appearance of your garden, but they are also detrimental to its health. As any lawn care professional will tell you, these pesky plants offer stiff more
Many insects benefit your garden. Bees are excellent pollinators, while adult ladybugs eat damaging aphids and mites, and nocturnal ground beetles keep slug and snail populations in more
A sprinkler system can save you time and money, sparing you the duty of watering your garden by hand and distributing water in a more efficient manner. Correctly installing a more
Watering and irrigation is a vital part of lawn care, and a sprinkler system is an excellent way to keep your grass and plants healthy. While it’s a common watering solution, there more
Although you may not have to worry much about lawn care during the winter months, for the best results in the spring and summer, it’s important to know when to begin your more
One of the most important elements to proper lawn care and irrigation is having the right tools at your disposal. Using the wrong tool for a task can not only require unnecessary more
If you want your garden to flourish, you have to show it tender loving care all year round. That doesn’t mean the work has to get monotonous, however. Different lawn care tasks more
Winter weather in Ohio is often grim. The temperatures regularly drop below freezing, and the state receives more than its share of snow and ice. Because of that, some homeowners more
Although potted plants can be brought indoors to escape frigid winter conditions, grass is exposed to cold weather all season long. With a few adjustments to your lawn care routine, more
Fall is the perfect time for lawn care. Not only does it prepare the property to endure the cold winter months, but it also allows homeowners to get a head start on spring tasks. more
When the dry season hits, it’s important to invest in the appropriate lawn care to ensure your garden is getting enough moisture. In the interests of water conservation, however, more
In order to keep your lawn healthy and looking great, it needs care and maintenance all year round, such as fertilization and aeration. Knowing not every homeowner is aware of the more
To maintain a beautiful yard, basic lawn care practices such as proper mowing, fertilizing, and watering should be performed. But there’s another vital element to a healthy turf more
If your grass looks brown or burnt in areas even though you water it on a regular basis, there may be more going on underneath the surface. Your yard could be suffering from a grub more
A lush, vibrant garden is the highlight of any landscape, but keeping plants healthy is no easy task. Plants are susceptible to damage from many factors, including extreme more
Maintaining a healthy lawn with lush, green grass is a priority for many homeowners. One way to achieve the yard of your dreams is through aeration. This process allows more
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Now that summer has arrived, it’s likely that your plants will need a little extra care to survive the warm temperatures. While occasionally spraying your plants with a garden hose more
If you’re concerned about protecting the environment, you probably already take several steps to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Using energy efficient appliances, more
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Weeds may mar the appearance of your lawn, but they aren’t all bad news. In fact, they give you valuable information about the health of your soil. So before you spray them away more
The United States has a land area of almost 3.8 million square miles. Given its expansive territory, this country is home to many different types of plants—including numerous grass more
Even the most beautiful garden can benefit from the occasional nip and tuck of landscaping. Luckily, there are many simple lawn care tricks that make for an easy yet eye-catching more
Weed control is one of the most common lawn care problems. With some time and effort, however, you can conquer even the peskiest plants. Here, the lawn services professionals of more
When you want a beautiful, lush yard without all of the work, turn to a trusted lawn care provider. To make sure you hire a reliable and professional source, you need to do a more
If you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden, resolve to spend more time pursuing lawn care this year. Here, the experts at Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation provide more
Appropriate lawn care during the cold winter months can help protect roots and seedlings, ensuring a vibrant garden come spring. Here, the lawn care professionals at Nature more
If you want a lush lawn and budding flowers in your garden this coming spring, start putting your green thumb to work now. Winter lawn care not only protects your plants more
Some insects can be beneficial to your garden, offering natural fertilizer and eating annoying critters like mosquitos. Other bugs that make themselves at home in your grass more
Excess thatch—a layer of dead or decomposing plant material that weaves itself into your grass in a mat-like fashion—is both unsightly and unhealthy for the grass. Fortunately, a& more
Using fertilizer in the fall can help your lawn sustain its health throughout the cold winter months. Providing top-quality lawn care services from aeration to fertilization, more
Lawn aeration opens up compacted soil and lets in air, water, and fertilizer to help your yard grow green and healthy. To get the best results from this lawn care task, more
From brown spots to mold, a variety of symptoms indicate lawn diseases. The lawn care experts at Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation will help you pinpoint problem areas and more
Air and water support life, and access to these elements is essential for a thriving lawn. This is why aeration is important, say the experts at Nature Plus Lawn & more
When dry weather hits during the summer months, managing moisture becomes an essential part of good lawn care. Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation serves Cincinnati, OH, and the more
The heat and sun that comes with the summer months can wreak havoc on your lawn. Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation in Cincinnati, OH, offers custom irrigation and lawn care for both more
To make sure your sprinkler system continues to operate properly, it’s important to practice basic maintenance. Following a few simple tips will help it run all summer long. For more