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When your heating and cooling system goes awry, it’s important to put repair work in the hands of dependable, trusted professionals. For 10 years, residents throughout Mid-Willamette Valley and Santiam Canyon, OR, have considered Focus Heating & Construction the go-to, trusted source for any commercial or residential heating and cooling needs.

From providing expert furnace repair and heating installation in the dead of winter to air conditioner repair and maintenance during the heat waves of summer, the specialists at Focus Heating & Construction help customers remain comfortable in their houses and businesses all year long. Whether your home’s air conditioning unit is on the fritz or the office boiler system won’t seem to work, the professionals at Focus Heating & Construction can tackle any job. They will work with you to find the best heating and cooling solutions within your budget, and will never pressure you into unneeded replacements. Here are just a few of the services the HVAC contractor can provide:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Heat Pump System Installation

If your heating and cooling system happens to be unfortunately beyond repair, Focus Heating & Construction can install new heat pumps, HVAC units, and gas and electric furnaces from top brands on the market. The Stayton-based HVAC contractor employs a small team of trained air conditioning and furnace repair specialists, ensuring you will receive personalized, timely service on all service jobs.

Besides offering a myriad of heating and cooling solutions, the HVAC specialists can also test the air quality in your home or office. To make sure your property is safe, the company can provide carbon monoxide detection, install carbon monoxide monitors, and suggest other products to improve air quality.

If you need furnace repair, air conditioning maintenance or something in between, you can trust Focus Heating & Construction to provide reliable service at a price you can afford. To schedule a service appointment, call (503) 769-7519 or visit the Stayton-based HVAC contractor online to learn more about their heating and cooling solutions.

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