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WCH Service Bureau Inc

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WCH Service Bureau Inc, Medical Billing, Health and Beauty, Brooklyn, New York

Medical billing and credentialing are important, but your practice is in business to serve patients, and anything taking your attention away from this hurts your bottom line. WCH Service Bureau is the top credentialing and medical billing company in the tri-state New York area.  Whether you're a surgeon, an urgent care startup, or an independent diagnostic testing facility, these experts will take billing and credentialing off your plate, so you can focus on growing your practice.

WCH Service Bureau provides efficient medical billing assistance and chart audit services. Improper coding is to blame for most errors in claims processing, and the company offers skilled certified coders to review your EHRs for errors. Claims denied by the payer are aggressively pursued to ensure the highest reimbursement possible. You enjoy complete transparency, thanks to a wide range of reports, and the company connects you with convenient features, making medical billing, claim, and patient information accessible from your home computer.

Credentialing can be a long and expensive ordeal, but the experts at WCH Service Bureau have relationships with many insurance company enrollment executives. They will leverage these connections to speed up the credentialing process; if you want to get accepted on a closed panel, they will file an appeal to make this happen.

Privacy is important, and WCH Service Bureau makes sure your medical billing records are kept securely and are backed up on a CD housed in a fireproof facility. Your information is never shared with outside parties, and everyone on the company's staff is bound by a confidentiality agreement.

This medical billing company offers other services and benefits, which support your practice. ICode technology reduces the time spent entering data during or after an exam. Medical receptionists are available for hire, and remote assistance is provided to lighten your load by reminding patients of past-due bills and upcoming appointments. You can also enjoy perks such as access to monthly publications, educational gatherings, and networking events. Customized software and web development is also available, along with unlimited consultations.

Call (888) 924-3973 to learn more, or visit the Brooklyn medical billing company online.