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R&W Paving is a family owned and operated paving company that has been serving the Monroe County area for half a century. They opened their doors in 1964 with a simple goal of delivering great service and excellent craftsmanship at reasonable prices. While they’ve certainly updated their equipment and added to their offering of products during their decades of success, the team at R&W Paving has never wavered in their commitment to customer service and a job well done.

When you decide to employ R&W Paving for a residential or commercial job, you know that you’ll be treated as a priority client. From receiving an initial price quote to scheduling your service, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with a company that puts client care first.

R&W Paving offers a comprehensive range of paving -related services. Their experienced team can excavate and prepare your property for a successful paving, and then carry out the paving process themselves. From pouring driveways and filling in potholes to creating large scale parking lots and blacktop play areas, R&W Paving can do it all. In fact, the R&W Paving team is so confident in their craft that they offer one or three year warranties standard on all of their driveways, as well as a variety of sealing options for additional protection.

When you’re selecting a paving company, the most important considerations are price, quality, and customer service—R&W Paving excels in all three categories. To learn more about why R&W Paving has been the most trusted name in Monroe County for 50 years, call them at (585) 225-8733 or visit them online now.

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