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Columbia Tree & Lawn Service is a Maryland licensed and bonded company dedicated to serving Howard County and surrounding areas, including Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Carroll, and Montgomery Counties. This family owned and operated firm has over 40 years of experience caring for trees and managing landscapes, and they’re dedicated to keeping your home both beautiful and safe for your ultimate enjoyment.

Columbia Tree & Lawn Service provides a full range of tree care for your property. Aging, unhealthy trees can become a danger to surrounding buildings, so it’s important to keep them in tip-top shape. To this end, Columbia Tree & Lawn Service offers expert tree trimming and pruning to keep your landscape healthy and attractive. Although they’ll do all they can to maintain the health of your trees, they also provide tree removal to ensure your home stays safe when a tree is beyond help. They’ll also return for stump removal to complete the job.

In addition to tree services, Columbia Tree & Lawn Service provides a full range of landscaping options and will consult with you to come up with a plan that fits into your budget and maintenance expectations. They also deliver firewood, provide comprehensive mulching services, irrigation, and will plow your snow in the winter.

Best of all, Columbia Tree & Lawn Service provides free estimates, and will beat any competitor’s written estimate by 10%, so you’re guaranteed to get excellent work at an unbeatable price when you hire them for your Maryland home’s landscaping needs.

To receive an estimate or find out more information for your next landscaping project, call Columbia Tree & Lawn Service today at (410) 740-5444. You can also visit the website for a complete list of the services offered, all Maryland service areas, and a contact form to explain your project in greater detail.

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