Waikiki, Hawaii

The Imperial Hawaii Resort

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The Imperial Hawaii Resort

205 Lewers St
Honolulu, HI 96815
The Imperial Hawaii Resort, Hotel, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

When you are visiting the island paradise of Hawaii, you want your accommodations to offer excellent service and the best amenities around. If you’re staying on Oahu, enjoy a relaxing and refreshing vacation at The Imperial Hawaii Resort. Originally built in 1967 and called Coconut Grove Hotel, this resort is just one block from the Waikiki beachfront neighborhood, making it the perfect vacation spot due to its proximity to shopping, dining, and other fun activities.

At 27 stories tall, The Imperial Hawaii Resort has 270 residential units. Within the beach resort is the premier timeshare property in Honolulu, The Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club, which consists of 248 total apartments. With 52 timeshare intervals per unit, there are a total of 12,896 intervals. Suites range from the one- to two-person Ohia Suite to the one- to five-person Hala Suite. It’s never been easier—or more enjoyable—to visit the Paradise of the Pacific.

The staff at The Imperial Hawaii Resort is committed to providing everyone from club owners to exchangers to hotel guests with a high-quality vacation experience, treating all owners and visitors with the true kama’aina spirit of ho’okipa: courtesy, respect, and hospitality. The Imperial Hawaii Resort offers 24-hour staff, an activity center, a convenience store with deli, a fitness center and sauna, free Wi-Fi, golf club rentals, a jewelry store, an on-site massage therapist, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and tennis racket rentals.

In addition to top-notch services and amenities, The Imperial Hawaii Resort makes it easy to participate in all that Hawaii has to offer. Their Elite Concierge service will help you book activities for your upcoming stay, such as luaus, island tours, shows, ocean activities, and more.

Make your stay on this island paradise one you’ll always remember. Book your vacation or timeshare property at The Imperial Hawaii Resort at Waikiki today by calling (808) 923-1827. For more information about the most beautiful beach resort in Honolulu, visit the website now.

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