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Whether you are a family that needs complete door-to-door household moving services or an international company that needs freight transport, Tri Isle has the experience and the state-of-the-art equipment to do the job. A full-service commercial trucking company, Tri Isle has more than 50 years of experience providing transportation solutions throughout Maui.

Locally owned and operated, Tri Isle is committed to delivering timely, reliable services. With a fleet of more than 110 vehicles and equipment; 18 loading and unloading docks; 170,000 square feet of warehouses, offices, and base yard, and 100 employees, Tri Isle not only provides the best movers in Hawaii but also comprehensive logistical and warehousing solutions for their clients.

Tri Isle departments include:

  • General Freight: Whether you need to transport ocean containers, bulk liquids, or construction materials, Tri Isle offers freight transportation solutions.
  • Household: Tri Isle offers local, inter-island, mainland, and worldwide residential and commercial moves with complete door-to-door service.
  • Inter-island Freight: The experts movers at Tri Isle offer quick and efficient unloading and unloading of their inter-island freight customers, including restaurants, fast food chains, brand stores, and grocers.
  • Breakbulk: Tri Isle handles consolidated container and freight shipments from around the world.
  • Maintenance Facility: Tri Isle offers in-house mechanics, so equipment is always ready to handle any request.
  • Fleet & Equipment Inventory: With 46 truck tractors, numerous trailers and tankers, 18 flatbed trucks, four covered vans, seven refrigerated trucks, and forklifts, Tri Isle is ready for anything.

Tri Isle uses an innovative computerized tracking and dispatching program when transporting fuel, ocean containers, construction materials, and more. Whether you need to move inter-island, mainland, or worldwide, Tri Isle has your transportation solution. For more information about the best warehousing and trucking company on Maui, visit the Tri Isle website or call (808) 244-1800

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