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The death of a loved one is always a difficult time for friends and family. Aside from the emotional struggles, planning a funeral service can feel like an additional burden. In these times of mourning and reflection, you need help to make sure the service and burial commemorate your loved one in a meaningful way.

McManus-Lorey Funeral Home in Medford, New York, fully understands the kind of support you need during these moments. As a family-owned establishment, they’re devoted to serving the local community, providing customized funeral arrangements that suit the specific needs of every family. They work closely with families to incorporate personal touches to the service, while making sure the arrangements remain within budget and follow the departed’s wishes. 

To help grieving families, McManus-Lorey Funeral Home has also built an online resource page containing a list of florist recommendations, helpful planning information, and numerous articles on coping with the loss of a loved one. These articles range in topic from talking to children about serious illnesses to writing a meaningful eulogy. Whenever you need support, the staff at McManus-Lorey Funeral Home will be there to help. 

McManus-Lorey Funeral Home offers cremation, memorial, and funeral packages, which are also available as pre-planned services. By making your funeral arrangements in advance, you’ll be able to make practical choices about the ceremony and your religious beliefs. To learn more about how McManus-Lorey Funeral Home will help you, visit their website or call at (631) 732-1112 today. Serving greater Medford and the surrounding areas, you can rely on this funeral home for compassion and respectful services to honor your loved one.

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