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What's more annoying than residing in a home or office that’s infested with pests? Everyday life becomes a hassle when you're stuck dealing with unwanted pests. There's nothing more important than protecting your family, your health, and your property. That’s why Tabor Pest Control, Dothan, AL's premier exterminator, strives to keep every aspect of your life free from bees, bedbugs, hornets, termites, and other kinds of pest infestations.

Dothan's top exterminator proudly provides pest control services for commercial, industrial, and residential properties, eliminating pest problems no matter where you are. Rodents, termites, and other upsetting creatures don't stand a chance—they're wiped away using the industry's latest technologies and removal methods, all performed by licensed experts.

Constructing a business around quality pest control services has meant dealing with the most extreme environments, from factories to large-scale facilities across the state. No matter how big the building is, these skilled experts will get into every single corner to eliminate the most resilient pests, from hidden wasp nests to termites burrowing between the walls. With the proper pest control, these uninvited visitors will be eliminated for good.

If you have a pest problem, there's no reason to let it affect your home, family, or health. To learn more about Dothan, AL's top exterminator, visit Tabor Pest Control online, or call (793) 7471 to schedule your free estimate today. 

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