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Morris Funeral Home Inc

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Making funeral arrangements after losing a loved one can be challenging, but not when you have Morris Funeral Home at the helm of affairs. This Wayne, WV, funeral home offers personalized cremation and burial services to help bid farewell to your beloved in the most heartfelt manner. Handling all your funeral needs with utmost compassion and professionalism, this family-run facility ensures you get nothing less than premium funeral solutions at affordable rates.

The owners, Patricia and Dana C. Morris, carry their family’s legacy forward by honoring the trust you place in their exceptional funeral services. From preplanning funerals to helping you select the right caskets, they are ready to assist you every step of the way. Serving their clients 24/7, the husband-wife team makes sure all their cremation and burial services are rendered per your specifications. With their licensed and qualified funeral directors in charge of catering to your requirements, you can count on expertly executed funeral services.

Spread across an area of over 17,500 square feet, Morris Funeral Home accommodates all types of funeral needs on its premises. Housing a chapel, conference hall, and viewing rooms, they offer families the space to gather and organize a touching memorial service for the deceased. Stocked with top-tier funeral accessories and essentials, the funeral home gives you the freedom to choose from over 30 types of fully customizable caskets.

The deep sorrow Morris Funeral Home feels for your loss is beautifully expressed by their experienced, in-house obituary writers. Going out of their way to lend you support, the funeral home furnishes you with numerous library resources to help you begin the emotional healing process. In the event that you want to express your sympathies to an aggrieved family, the center also renders efficient flower and card delivery services.

In an effort to offer seamless funeral services, Morris Funeral Home encourages all its clients to streamline their choices through funeral preplanning. To learn more about the unmatched burial services provided, call (304) 272-5171, or visit the website.

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