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Are you a woman suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction? Advanced Pelvic Surgery is here to help you experience lasting relief. Serving clients throughout the Liberty Township, Ohio, area, Dr. Greg Owens and his staff specialize in treating pelvic floor disorders that afflict millions of women throughout the country. These compassionate doctors understand that your condition is often uncomfortable, debilitating, and even embarrassing, which is why they are committed to using the highest quality equipment and the most current techniques to treat your problems in a comfortable and private setting.

Advanced Pelvic Surgery provides care for a variety of pelvic floor issues, including incontinence, cystitis, fistulas, and prolapse. If you struggle to control your release of gas, stool, or urine, or if your pelvic organs have become displaced due to childbirth or trauma, these professionals offer pelvic reconstructive surgery, vaginal prolapse repairs, and pelvic floor physical therapy to help you feel more like yourself again. If you experience painful and humiliating pelvic conditions that interfere with your quality of life, these caring and highly trained experts will develop a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. When you put your trust in their care, you’ll find relief.

For the best solutions to pelvic floor dysfunction in Liberty Township, rely on Advanced Pelvic Surgery to make you feel comfortable again. Call their office at (513) 942-7640 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about scheduling your initial consultation. You can also visit them online to find out more information about their variety of safe and effective women’s health services.

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