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Hearing Life is Precious

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For over 43 years, Valu Hearing Service has been providing the residents of Jamestown, NY, with hearing tests and state-of-the-art hearing aids. It’s owned and operated by Peter and Diane Lumia, whose passion is to improve communication and enhance patients' sense of belonging in their community. They believe that hearing is precious and that by helping people understand each other better, their quality of life will be enhanced and their stress will be reduced.

Here’s what Valu Hearing Service has to offer the Jamestown community:

  • Complete Hearing Services: Valu Hearing Service performs hearing tests, hearing aid counseling, repairs, cleaning, and always provides the latest technology. In addition to hearing aids, they sell hearing protection products that can attenuate noise in your work environment, live music events, and certain hobbies. They also sell other products that make group situations, phone conversations, and watching TV that much easier.
  • Decades Of Experience: Peter Lumia BC-HIS is a Jamestown native, an active church member, and a musician. His foray into the hearing aid industry began in 1971, and he earned his hearing aid dispenser license in 1973 for New York and in 1993 for Pennsylvania. He was promoted to regional manager of a hearing aid company in 1978 and opened his first hearing aid center in 1980. Peter returned to Jamestown in 1983 to be closer to family, and that’s when he started Valu Hearing Services with his wife, Diane.
  • Fully Qualified Services: Peter and Diane are dedicated to service; they’ve helped over 1,400 customers since they founded Valu Hearing Services. Peter is proud to be in the top 5% of all hearing aid dispensers and he is a board certified dispenser by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences, which requires new technical training every two years. Valu Hearing Services is also a member of the International Hearing Society and the New York State Hearing Guild.

The motto at Valu Hearing Service is “Hearing Life is Precious.” For any questions about their digital hearing aids, or to schedule a hearing test, please call (716) 484-7777. For details about their services or to find the location nearest to you, visit the website.

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