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For nearly half a century, Ike’s Fuel has been operating as the only independent and family-owned heating oil supplier in Juneau, AK. This kind of service record is made possible by their commitment to long-term client relationships that focus on helping families making it through the harsh Alaskan winters. Ike’s Fuel is known throughout the area and the heating oil industry as offering both quality kerosene oil and highly reliable customer service at an affordable price.

When you rely on Ike’s Fuel for your home heating oil, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature becomes a family affair. They serve friends, family, and neighbors on a daily basis, and they know firsthand how important it is to have a reliable heating supplier close by. When the temperature drops below freezing, you know the team at Ike’s Fuel will be there to keep you and your family comfortable in your home.

For many, staying safe and warm during an Alaskan winter means keeping the fuel tank full without going over budget. These fuel professionals offer varying price breaks along with their “Ike-O-Matic” oil delivery service, keeping your fuel tank full and your convenience at a top priority. They also sell oil tanks in various sizes, and special order tanks to ensure your home has exactly what you need.

After half a century in business, Ike’s Fuel maintains their reputation of being an honest and reliable home heating oil supplier. Sign up for automatic oil delivery by calling (907) 364-3420, or learn more about filling up your oil tank by visiting their website today. And remember, when winter weather hits—“Don’t play it cool, call Ike’s Fuel!”  

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