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When you’re looking for the best Dole pineapples, freshest coffee, and decadent chocolate made directly on Hawaii, turn to Dole/Tropical Fruits Distributors of Hawaii Inc in Honolulu. Whether you’re visiting the island or are in the food service industry, everyone can agree that locally grown products produce the best quality.

As the premier grower of Royal Hawaiian® Tropical Gold Pineapples® on the Hawaii islands, Dole/Tropical Fruits Distributors of Hawaii grows and sells delectable pineapple fruits and papayas. These Oahu-grown pineapples benefit from the nutrients found in the volcanic soil on the island, which makes them sweeter. Even if you’re far from the tropical paradise of Oahu, these high-quality pineapple fruits can be shipped for free in cases across the United States so you can always indulge in the island’s bounty.

In addition to producing the freshest pineapples in the noncontiguous United States, Dole/Tropical Fruits Distributors of Hawaii now also produces locally grown and processed chocolate and coffee! Hawaii is a verdant tropical paradise whose unique nutrient-dense soil is ideal for growing fine cacao and coffee beans. As a strong supporter of local agribusiness, Dole/Tropical Fruits Distributors of Hawaii maintains a fully functioning chocolate factory and coffee roastery on the island, so every step in the process, from planting the first seeds to harvesting the kaukau beans to producing a superior product, occurs locally.

Whether you’re a local living on Oahu or a visitor who wants to experience the true flavor of island life, pay a visit to Dole/Tropical Fruits Distributors of Hawaii. Visit the Dole Plantation, where you can take a garden tour, navigate their intricate maze, or indulge in a tasty treat at the Plantation Grille. Try a fresh cup of Waialua Coffee, a velvety bar of finely crafted Hawaiian chocolate, or a thick slice of Hawaiian Dole pineapple!

Learn more about Dole/Tropical Fruits Distributors of Hawaii Inc. and their locally grown foods by calling them at (808) 847-3234. To place an order or find a pineapple recipe, visit them online.

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