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For home heating oil delivery in West Haven, CT, Apple Oil offers unmatched experience, expertise, and customer care. For over 30 years, this oil company has been serving and satisfying commercial and residential heating oil customers in New Haven and Fairfield counties. They field a team of trained expert technicians who provide on-call service 365 days per year, their rates are affordable, and their delivery service is reliable.

Whether you need a warm air furnace, a boiler, or heating oil tank installation or repair, Apple Oil Co. has your back. Apple Oil also installs and services all major air conditioning brands.  They embrace innovation, including new technologies such as low-sulfur fuels, high-efficiency burners, and environmentally friendly biofuels, which operate in your existing equipment and reduce the consumption of nonrenewable resources. They are early adopters of BioHeat, a blend of heating oil and up to 5% biodiesel that meets fuel oil standards and has the greatest BTU content of any alternative fuel. Advantages include lowered greenhouse gas emissions, reduced fuel consumption, improved efficiency, and increased furnace lifespan. It also reduces U.S. dependence on foreign oil imports.

Apple Oil & Service can also help you reduce oil consumption by performing an efficiency tune-up on your oil heating system. For even more energy savings, they can install a programmable thermostat, a new flame retention oil burner, or a newer, more efficient boiler or furnace.

To take all the stress out of maintaining your heating or cooling appliances, Apple Oil offers yearly maintenance contracts for a flat yearly fee.  The maintenance contracts include a cleaning, 24 hr. service, and a list of parts.  This contract also covers oil fired hot water heaters at no extra charge.

Apple Oil Co., the premier oil heat system experts in West Haven, CT, offers red carpet customer service, affordable pricing, and state-of-the-art energy products. They provide same-day delivery for heating oil if you call by 12 pm and new customers receive a discount on their first oil delivery.  Visit them online for answers to frequently asked questions, or call (203) 934-3835 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable professional about your commercial or home heating oil delivery needs.

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