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Fulkerson Services has been the greater Rochester, NY, area's premier source for new and used office furniture for the past 33 years. Family-owned and -operated, the service-focused company is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who know the furniture industry inside and out. Founded by Douglas Fulkerson in 1983, the initial goal of creating a full-service office furniture repair company quickly grew into something bigger. With an ever-increasing client base, the business expanded into selling new and used office furniture to environmentally-conscious businesses throughout the area.

With unrivaled industry experience, the service technicians at Fulkerson Services have proudly earned an A+ rating with the BBB and are fully committed to green alternatives. They buy used office furniture, and they offer a variety of environmentally friendly disposal options to take any excess office furniture out of your hands, whether that be a used desk, filing cabinet, or an outdated office chair. With a three story, 50,000 square foot furniture warehouse, you can sort through their extensive selection to restock an entire office in an affordable, efficient manner.

As a full-service company, Fulkerson Services handles every detail of project management, coordinating all of the necessary details to make every project run smoothly—big or small. Since office layouts are a key part of selecting and setting up office furniture, the skilled team provides complimentary planning and design to make the most of your unique workspace. To learn more, visit these environmental office furniture experts online, or call (585) 223-2541 to request your quote today.

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