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Since 1966, the skilled team at NorthKey Community Care has provided unparalleled mental health, substance use, and developmental disability services to the eight-county Northern Kentucky region. NorthKey Community Care’s services address a wide range of needs and are made available to anyone in the area who is in need, regardless of income level. Their volunteer board of directors is made up of community leaders, business professionals, and other representatives who share the same dedication of providing high-quality care to area residents.

NorthKey Community Care’s specialty services include:

  • Family & Child Services: From assisting with behavioral issues in children to promoting open communication through individual and family counseling, NorthKey Community Care will help your family be the cooperative unit you want it to be. Through individual therapy, family therapy, and intensive case management, the staff will help you and your family reach its true potential.
  • Adult Services: NorthKey Community Care makes mental health services accessible to adults who want to improve their coping strategies, learn how to better manage stress, and even recover from mental illness. Their services use a range of outpatient assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and support options to truly transform your life.
  • Substance Use Services: The road to recovery can be long, but you don’t have to travel it alone. Substance abuse services from NorthKey Community Care give you the resources and support you need to rebuild your life.
  • Developmental Disabilities Services: NorthKey Community Care provides short-term and long-term resources for individuals and families who need developmental disability services. They make navigating the complex system of disability services simple and help their clients stay involved in the community. 
  • Regional Prevention Services: In an effort to decrease the need for future substance abuse services, the team at NorthKey Community Care spearheads several local coalitions to prevent local substance abuse. They develop local strategies in schools, businesses, churches, and government agencies in order to increase positive decisions within the community.

No matter your reason for seeking out services from NorthKey Community Care, you can rest assured you’ll be treated with compassion and respect. To learn more about how the center can better serve you or your family, visit them online or call NorthKey Community Care directly at (859) 331-3292.

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