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When boat owners along the South Shore of Lake Ontario need anything for their watercraft, they go to Krenzer Marine in Sodus Point, NY. Accessible by both boat and car, this family-owned business prides themselves as the area's largest Chaparral boat dealer, along with a vast inventory of used and new vessels. If you need a one-stop shop for boat sales and services, stop by Krenzer Marine in Sodus Bay.

Browse through their showroom, and you'll find any type of watercraft that you desire, ranging from pontoons and fishing boats to yachts and cruisers. Their sales representatives are eager to help you weigh your options and select the vessel that's perfect for you. Whether you're looking to invest in a pleasure cruiser for the weekend or a luxury yacht for vacationing, let your search begin at Krenzer Marine.

More than just a boat dealer, Krenzer Marine also provides locals and visitors to the Sodus Point area with comprehensive boat services. If you need a place to keep your boat while you're away, their facilities feature a secure boat storage area. When you need to upgrade your watercraft's electrical system or repair your gel coating, then their service center is more than happy to set up an appointment and get your boat where you'd like it to be.

From finding the boat of your dreams to keeping your current ship afloat, contact Krenzer Marine by calling (315) 483-6986 today. Visit their website to learn more about why they're the premier boat dealer and service center in Sodus Point.

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